Saturday, 2 June 2012

Life Update

I realize I've not posted for some time but I've had loads and loads of over time at work and since I'm saving up for a holiday a girl just can't say no!
I have been staying at my boyfriend's since all the over time at work and have literally just packed my work clothes, pj's and some essential make up pieces so have not been able to do any looks or reviews of new products or fashion pieces I have got.

However I am going home on Thursday so will be updating more from then as my work load will be considerably less.

So obviously I cannot do a fashion post or anything so thought I'd do a quick update on my life in general in the form of bullet points because who doesn't love bullet point lists, the list is short I have a boring life so here goes:

  • I have had an unconditional offer to my university of choice to study fashion retail management so am looking forward to that come September. I am trying to sort out accommodation which seems to be taking up a chunk of my time and making sure student finance is going to go through, preparing for uni is stressful. 
  • I am going to America in August so my official weight loss/look good in a bikini diet healthy eating exercise plan starts now, I have left it far too late but I do work better under pressure so maybe I can lose a bit before I finally depart. Although saying that I've lost a stone but then put a little on then lost a little then put a little on so at least I'm not as big as when I first first started. 
  • My best friend is getting married next year and it was a massive announcement so hopefully we will be doing wedding-y things which will be lovely. 
  • I am going to London soon to see my best friend.
  • My friends 21st is this week.
  • My mom's party is next week. 
  • Me and my boyfriend are planning to go away in July. 
As you can see not an amazingly lot of stuff has happened but I've been out and about with friends but I suppose working I've been kind of shut away from the outside world. 

So forgive me but expect some fab posts coming to you VERY soon.