Saturday, 16 August 2014

Discovery: an old favourite

I brought woodwinked from MAC many a moon ago when I was in America and used it religiously but then just completely forgot about it until recently. 
I was sorting out my makeup drawer and found it in a palette so decided to give it a go and try a different look. 
I also recently went blonde....again so my hair is a little yellow as I need to tone it. 

I think this is a lovely colour to use on your lids and now I've re-discovered it I'm going to make sure it goes into my permanent makeup collection. 
I would however love to get some new MAC eye shadows so can any recommend anything? 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

July Favourites

I've been super busy in July without going in to too much detail we had a family grievance so my mind has been a bit preoccupied, however life must go on and it doesn't do well to dwell so without further adieu my July favourites which consists of 2 items both food based...surprise surprise.

First item up is this green tea and mint tassimo pod, I know not everyone has a tassimo machine but if you do get these they are so refreshing and I love drinking them from a little cup and saucer whilst catching up on emails and getting ready for the day.

Last favourite is coconut oil. I know everyone has been raving about coconut oil and forgive me for jumping on the bandwagon but this stuff really is amazing. I haven't used it to it's full potential but have been putting it on my face and my skin is loving it. 
I will be doing a more in-depth review of this so watch out for that.

Has anyone else tried these products? 
If so what do you think? 

Friday, 1 August 2014

60's inspired flick

I am a little bit addicted to watching beauty guru's on youtube and saw a video by PIXIWOO on their youtube page of a Laura Mvula inspired look and well I loved it so thought I would give it a go but make it more wearable for a day time look, despite the gorgeous cat eye flick I feel like I couldn't go about my day to day business with such a dramatic eye and so feel their look is fabulous for a night out whereas I have played it down a notch.

To create this look I used the MUA palette in matte nudes, HD brows palette, Hoola Bronzer by Benefit and the Topshop Brighten Up pen.
I love neutrals on my eyes anyway as I feel it really suits me but would love to be a bit braver and go for something brighter so that is a personal challenge to myself.
As for the flick I am awful at eye-liner flicks but have seen the benefit push up eye-liner which is on my must buy list as so many people have claimed it makes eye-liner so much easier so hopefully a review of that will be up soon.

Watch the pixiwoo video <a href="">here</a> 

Bare eyes and lips: Dior bb creme

I love love love getting wee little samples in high end magazines and yet I always seem to leave them in a pile and then throw them out so when this sample was in Elle I believe it to be I thought no! I'm going to try this out right now and see what I think.
Now obviously with these samples it's not going to be the right colour for your skin-tone, this one for me was a little dark to the point where when my boyfriend got home he exclaimed,
 "you put bloody tan on your face", but that is another story. 

The texture of the cream was quite liquidy (I know that's not a word but it feels right) I'm used to BB Creams being a little firmer in consistency this is the same sort of texture as YSL touche eclat foundation, which immediately had me thinking wow this is going to go on fantastically. 
However I digress, the application was a little messy I warmed it up between my fingers and patted it on then buffed in using the real techniques buffing brush, but like I said it seemed messy and didn't seem to go on well at all. 

It left a shiny dew to my face which I normally like but this seemed too shiny as you can see in the top right hand photo. 
The coverage however I felt was quite good in terms of going over and covering certain flaws and leaving a flawless base, I would describe it as a medium coverage. 
The finished look is the cream with a powder over the top as I didn't want to leave the house looking shiny especially in the weather we have been having. 

Overall I would say this cream is great for those with dry skin looking for a dewy glow but for girls like me with already quite oily skin I would steer clear.

Has anyone else tried this product?
If so what are your thoughts? 
Did you have a better time with it than me?

Friday, 30 May 2014

Feeling Blue

Recently I've been noticing a lot of blue makeup looks in magazines and online so thougt I'd give it a go to see how wearable the look actually is.
I chose to go with a light almost sky blue with a slight metallic finish which is out of the Topshop smoky eye palette in constellation.

On the photo it looks almost silver but trust me it is a light blue colour.
The wear on this eyeshadow wasn't too bad with a little bit of fallout but nothing too major that couldn't be sorted with a quick once over.
Overall this look was maybe for me a trusted brown eyeshadow sorted of girl was a little too much for the day but with a little black eyeliner and a more defined crease I think this look would be fantastic for a night out. 
Has anyone else seen any blue inspired looks they want to try? 
I think I'm going to try the blue eyeliner look next!