Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Clinique moisture surge overnight mask


You may have remembered me posting a haul a few days ago and I featured the Clinique moisture mask and having used it for a bit now I feel I can write a review about it.

It's a very lightweight cream and for me I feel it goes on quite greasy which I don't mind as I'm sleeping in it but it is absorbed very quickly. 
The morning after my face feels greasy but once you do your morning routine of cleansing and washing your face you can really see a difference.
I was suffering from quite dry patches on my forehead and cheeks but now I feel like the moisture surge has really hydrated these areas. 
My foundation is going on a lot better now and doesn't seem patchy because it doesn't matter how good your foundation is if the base is rubbish it just won't look good. 
Claims to awaken skin and make it more plumped, supple and luminous. 
Now I'm not going to lie, first time use I didn't notice a major difference like I did the turnaround overnight moisturiser (which is actually amazing),it was a few days before seeing it work but now with constant use I feel like my skin is definitely hydrated as for luminous I'm not so sure maybe with continued use ill notice major differences.
Overall I think this is a good product to have but once I have ran out I will probably just go back to the turnaround overnight moisturiser as I feel that is better suited to my skin type. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birmingham Haul and The New Debenhams

Yesterday I went to see my lovely friend Matt in Birmingham and whilst it was meant to be purely window shopping I spent a lot more than I should have. However I didn't buy any clothes which is a huge wonder. 
Nothing I bought is super major but though I'd show it all any way so without further adieu my haul. 

This is what I use to do my hair it goes on well and I use it for my roots which always come out lovely and it comes with a platinum shine oil you add to the dye so it makes your hair very smooth and have a slight shine to it. 

No trip to Birmingham s complete without going to Selfridges after Matt and I lusted over McQueen, Burberry and for me Mulberry we went to the bottom floor and got lost in Paperchase, where I bought this Desk Pad which I didn't realise but can't use till July boo and a self Adhesive album for gig tickets, festivals, wrist bands and any other memorabilia I have stashed away.

I just had to go to Primark to get my go-to tights. These bad boys are amazing £2.50 each and they give you an amazing silhoette. As I was queuing to buy this nail varnish jumped out at me apparently it's a matte varnish and again £2.50 I thought why not. 

I can't walk past lush without going inside sometimes I can resist the gorgeous temptations that lay waiting other times for instance yesterday I could not. I bought this massage bar that smells so devine I can't wait to use it. 

There's been a Debenhams being built in my home town, for a little under a year. My mom bagged a job there and yesterday they had a friends and family VIP opening. One of the hair dressers in the area - Anthony John Salon was giving away these goodie bags with some KMS samples, so I'm looking forward to trying these out.
I also bought some Clinique moisture surge over night mask that people have been raving about. It was 10% off plus I got my mom's 20% off so I got 30% off this making it an amazing £18 which I was very happy about. 

All the products I have bought or given I will be writing reviews about in the next couple days when I have used them and able to write a decent review. 
Has anyone tried any KMS or the Clinique Moisture Surge before? 
If so what did you think?
And what can I expect? 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Channel the Chanel

So last week I spent far too much money and went to Birmingham Bullring with my mom and sister and as usual our trip consisted of  a browse through Selfridge's beauty hall I went with the intention of getting some MAC foundation as I already had their Studio Fix and I wanted something a little lighter. However the woman who matched me up was in my opinion the worlds worst make up artist, she did not match my skin correctly, she rushed through application, did not blend it in properly and did not listen to what I wanted. The whole experience made me feel very nervous, up tight and definitely not willing to spend my hard earned cash on a shoddy experience. I just felt really let down as I have always had a good experience from them but regardless it led to my discovery of Chanel's Perfection Lumiere. I'd obviously heard of this particular foundation but loyally stuck by my MAC however change is good and I was stuck in a rut so I went to the Chanel Counter and was served by the loveliest woman who's name I believe to be Mary. She put me at ease and really prepped and primed my skin for the foundation and matched me up beautifully (beige rose FYI). The foundation itself is beautifully, light and just the right amount of coverage I needed and asked for and with 8 hour wear it's perfect for an evening at work. 
I was very very impressed and was willing to pay the price tag for it. Which goes to show just how far amazing customer service gets you.