Friday, 18 March 2011


So I've finally got round to getting a twitter, I know how late am I? Anyway I'm just writing this to ask who on here has twitter? I want to follow your lovely guys. 
Comment and let me know. 
And you can find me at @fashsavoirfaire this is the blog's official Twitter where I will be tweeting our fashion bits and pieces to you guys. So follow me and leave your twitter as well so we can follow you. 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Kimono's and Picnic's

It was my sister's birthday so we went shopping, I had £20 in my pocket and spent it on the lovelies below. 

Saw this and it immediately reminded me of Summer with the cute wicker style and white strap it conjures up visions of a picnic basket. 

This is the lining and the bag set me back £6 from Primark. 

I've seen some lovely Kimono style cover-ups in sheer fabric lately- this one is from Primark again and was £10. They have one in yellow and a blue nautical style one. But this one caught my eye because the colours are lovely and easy to match up. 

By this point I had no money left but a girl can still look right, this shirt is from River Island and is slightly longer at the back. 

This shirt is from River Island as well and has netting along the shoulders. 

The back is exposed and has a tie to bring in the waist. 

So after today's expedition I still have £4 left over to get to and from work or to spend at Zumba :) 

Saturday, 12 March 2011

la saison du noir

As i rummage my way amongst the numerous clothing websites i know i will never fully be able to afford, it has become obvious that spring is slowly beginning to introduce itself within our clothing. I have seen endless floral patterns, candy colours and fearless frills but despite all of this i refuse to welcome spring with open arms, Instead i have found myself hopelessly trailing through the winter sales because i simply refuse to salute goodbye to the stunning black mesh, chunky heels and Gothic style i have adored all throughout this winter.

I feel that i haven't had enough time to enjoy this dark sultry look for long enough, so i intend to carry my winter clothing as far through spring as the English weather allows me!

i do of course have my absolute favourites that i know i can in no way afford, but a girl can dream, right?

I have had my eye on this dress for months now, it's from topshop and it is in the sale for £75 but the only sizes they have in stock are a 6, 8 & 10, somehow i can't see me fitting into this any time soon.

I can't say I've ever been a fan of high leg boots, but recently they have been growing on me and i soon as i saw these pair from topshop i instantly fell in love, but of course they are also in the sale for £75 and unless i fall into some miraculous money then i doubt I'll ever be able to call these beautiful boots mine, even though i am completely and utterly in love with them!

This absolute beauty is again, from topshop. I have adored the black mesh look this season and then to find a top that is as outrageous and gorgeous as this is somewhat of a miracle for me. Unfortunately it is completely out of stock which is a shame because it was in the sale for £45 and i would of been 100% willing to scrounge some money together on pay day to purchase this beauty!


Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Diesel, Cavalli, VPL

Fringing has been all over the catwalks for Spring 2011, from designer's such as Cavalli to Versace and Ralph Lauren. 
This look is a modern romance of the prairie, it is rustic with a bit of a hippy vibe thrown in for good measure. 

Shorts, Playsuit and White Tee- Topshop,
Shoes- River Island, Jacket- Dorothy Perkins,
Belt- Warehouse, Bag- Urban Outfitters. 
  • Look for items with movement and Texture.
  • Use Colour to break the look up. 
  • If fringing is too much on clothes look for accessories such as bags and shoes.
  • A fringed belt can add texture to an outfit while still being edgy. 

What I wore

Jumper- Tesco
Skirt- New Look
Necklace- River Island
Ring- Primark
Love this cable knit jumper- found it on sale at Tesco, it's 3 sizes too big but can't complain for £5. The skirt is from New Look, necklace is River Island on sale at £3 and the ring is from Primark. I'm always on the look out for slouchy clothes for days with nothing to do. 

Used my Clinique lipstick free from Glamour, it's a nice colour without being overwhelming and seems to be lasting quite well. Not bad for £2!

Monday, 7 March 2011

New writer

As of 10 minutes ago, I recruited Amy Louise, as seen in fashion girl of the week. Amy will hopefully bring another fashion dynamic to this blog and make it more edgy. I'm sure she won't disappoint she's passionate and easily excitable. 
So look out for future posts from her


Fashion Girl of the Week:

Amy louise is this weeks fashion girl and a very dear friend of mine, I have always envied her style, she always seems to put fabulous stuff together and is an amazing bargain shopper. 

"I wouldn't say I have a defined style, I take clothes from all over the place and make them my own, one man's rubbish is another man's treasure"

favourite places to shop- "River Island, Cow and the ebay vintage outlet and charity shops"

"My favourite outfit right now is my blue velvet shirt, high waisted black skirt and frill wedges with my beige chunky knit cardigan"

"I spend the most money on Jumper's and Shirt's AND tights! Endlessly going through them"

"The thing I like about fashion is the personal expression, the fact that some one could be wearing the exact same thing as you, but it all depends on the way you put it together and the accessories you wear that makes it so different" 

A big thanks to Amy- as you can see this girl has a unique style, she wears the clothes and makes them her own. 

February Favourite's

I've recently decided to do monthly favourites, I know it's March but I'm going to show you what I was loving in February and then do a March one at the end of this month. 

My Yankee candles, yes I still wish it was Christmas.
 I got them on sale because they were in the Christmas collection. The white one smells like vanilla and the red one smells like yummy cinnamon. 
I light them everyday because they make my room all cosy and smell lovely. 
As soon as these run out I'm going to get some summery ones. 

One of the perks of working at the fragrance shop is that I get some lovely perfume, the other perk is the lovely people I work with obviously.  
This one is Flora by Gucci and smells like fresh flowers, when it's sunny this scent makes me feel all happy. 
The other one Gucci does in Flora is Eau Fresh and it's so sweet and subtle, perfect for days in the sun. 

I've been using this scrub from Soap & Glory and it makes my skin feel so soft. 
I use it 3 times a week, because daily use irritates me skin and there's these little orange balls in the lotion that pop when you press on them. 
I thought that was quite cool apparently they are smooth-boosting sphere's. 
Whatever they are they make me skin all refreshed and clean. 

I bought these boots with my friend on a little shopping trip to Birmingham from Select in the Pallasade's, she also got some gorgeous one's that I will be stealing from her soon if she doesn't keep her eye on them. 
The photo doesn't do these boot's justice, they are a dark beige colour with a light beige wedge and go really well with my harem trousers. 
They fit in with the camel/tan trend perfectly and were only £20. 

I've seen loads of owl necklace's lately mostly from places like Topshop, this cute fellow was actually purchased in Tesco. 
It's a long gold coloured necklace and goes well with EVERYTHING!
I'm certainly getting the wear out of him. 

Marshmallow cupcake's! 
My mom made these they have marshmallow's under the frosting and a marshmallow centre.
They are so nice, I keep telling my mom to make and sell her cupcake's because they are that good, and no I'm not just saying that. 

On a side note, look what happened when I took a picture of my candle's, I dropped my earring in the wax!
Not sure how I'm going to scrape the wax off but never mind. 

And that's it for February, expect another load at the end of this month. 

Fashion Want

Miss Selfridge- £35
Miss Selfridge- £35

I have a major love for shirts at the moment and love these two from Miss Selfridge, I want to wear the white one with a gorgeous pair of high waisted shorts and tuck the camel colour one into a lovely black skirt. 
Hurry up pay-day. 

Spring White

D&G, Max Mara
Going on a completly different tangent from yesterday, today I'm looking at the white trend. This look is meant to fresh and crisp. When I think of white clothes of think of the fresh linen smell and gorgeous sunny days, (which lucky for me today is one of those days).
This season white is edgy with clean lines. It's functional with a lack of fussy detail.

Dress- Dorothy Perkins, Shirt- Miss Selfridge, Mac- Warehouse,
Trousers- Very, Bag- John lewis, Sunglasses- Warehouse,
Shoes- La Redoute

  • Structured Jackets combine clean lines with functionality. 
  • White too much? Accessorize with bags, shoes and sunglasses. 
  • Wear Dresses to make the look more wearable. 

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Travelling Style

D&G, Salvatore Ferragamo, Missoni

Romantic ruffles, tousled locks, head scarves, espadrilles and sandals, chanel your inner gypsy this season. Think traveller rather than big fat gypsy wedding. Forget the boho trend that transpired through the late noughties this is more chic and sophisticated.
Kate Moss 2009
Traveller Notes:

  • Long flowing fabric.
  • Prints
  • Hooped earings 
  • Sandals
  • Tiered layers
  • Keep accessories to a minimum 
  • Headscarves
I'll be keeping to the trend with gorgeous headscarves and cute turbans. 

Find a selection of head scarf's at River Island, Topshop and New Look


I've happily received my UCA, interview date, which I'm sososo excited about as it's my first choice uni to go to, had a look at their portfolio notes and I need to narrow my work down to 10 pieces and only one page of any writing I've done. So I need to improve bits that I've done and really make it stand out. 
Interview is on 23rd march and then 26th march down to Southampton I go for another interview, which is my second choice uni. 
Get the chance to look around and decide which one I prefer. Hopefully I'll get into my favourite, I'm nervous already and it's not even close. 
I'll be a bag of nerves the day before and I bet I won't get any sleep. 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Top Blog's

I was thinking today about which blogs are my favourite, and have compiled a small list of 7 that I love and try to read religiously:

  • love the way all her posts are personal and in a creepy way I love reading about other people's lives and seeing picture's of their day to day excursions. 
  • not your average fashion blog, this blog features stunning fashion that is more unique. 
  •, love her inspiring posts and picture's. 
  • what can I say I love her fashion sense and her posts and concise and well laid out, which I know is wiered to comment on but I prefer reading blogs that look pretty. Shallow I know!
  • this girl has a stunning collection of shoes and all her outfits are just wonderful, I like reading to see what outfit she's put together day after day. 
  • not a fashion blog, this one's a beauty one, and an absolutely amazing one, clear reviews on make-up and no bull s***. Also how she manages to find time to run her blog with a toddler running around is beyond me. 
  • photo's of the average Joe on the street this blog takes photo's of normal people with a flair. Really Inspiring. 
However saying these are my favourite's doesn't mean I love them any more than all the other fab blogs I follow. 
Will hopefully feature another set of favourites very soon. 

Friday, 4 March 2011


Just some picture's I did to pack out my portfolio a little bit, I'm no photographer, I don't claim to be, in fact I'm probably the worse person EVER to take photo's but they looked okay in the end.

People in the photo's are my sister and boyfriend.


I've seen adverts everywhere for the brand Kooples featuring couples and how long they've been together and out of curiosity I decided to look what the brand was all about. 
Established in 2008 Kooples is a French brand consisting of ready- made pieces. Taken of the website it says that Kooples is:

Military elegance, revisited flight jackets, cardigans, dresses for iconic women, British styled “Crombie” coats, but let us not forget, the perfected three piece suit. Close fitting, tailored like the shirts and coats of Saville Row, that infamous street in London that’s been dressing dandies; from gentlemen to rock star, Winston Churchill to David Bowie, with an oh so British look. Details that make all the difference: Skull and Crossbones on buttons and a coat of arms just to name a few. To summarize the couples are The Kooples! Masculin/ Feminin, Godard would have called it; slightly androgynous and modern. The Kooples gathers its inspiration from the codes of rock, from music, but with its own signature traits that only truly belong in 2011. It doesn’t matter if it’s night or day, if you’re wearing The Kooples it’s just plain chic.

For both men and women, the brand consists of simple elegant pieces, that are designed to last years in terms of style they are based on the concept of street style. 
Some of my favourite pieces from the women's collection: 

 Shoes- £165, Skirt- £125, Shirt- £140, Shorts- £135, Tee-£130, Trousers- £145. 

Colour Splash


Christopher Kane


Jil Sander

Colour has been splashed all over the catwalk this season from Gucci's bold colour clashes, to Jil Sander's simple colour pop. 
Not for the faint-hearted make like Gucci and team bold jewel colours together to create a look worthy of the catwalk. Or for those girls that want to give the trend a knowing nod but not go all out colour, follow in Jil Sander's footsteps and team a bright skirt with a simple white top. 

To help get the look on a budget here's best of the high street:


Go simple block colour in this over-sized top from Acne from Browns- £80

Aftershock- £75 Wear this under a bright blazer or by it's own with skinny jeans or if you feel daring some gorgeous bold coloured shorts or trousers. 

Topshop- £6, the ideal solution is to buy loads of coloured vest tops, available from most high-street shops, wearing a bright vest top will give your wardrobe an exploding pop of colour. 

This orange top will look beautiful either tucked into some harem trousers or shorts or turned out with some jeans and gorgeous stacked heels. Available from River Island at £29.99


Acne from Browns- £170, with the summer months coming dare to bare those legs in some vibrant shorts, wear with a simple white vest, if however you want to be more daring wear with a lush jacket or cardigan. 

Boohoo- £22, the alternative to shorts is jeans, available in many different colours these jeans can be dressed up or down, for something more vibrant look at shops such as Topshop.

Miss Selfridge-£38, these peg leg trousers are in a slightly muted hue to give you more freedom with accessories. Wear with some bright heels or a dazzling bag in any shade you choose.

My favourite trousers featured these are from River Island- £29.99 and they have a Gucci-esque feel to them which I love. Absolutely perfect for a night out with a silk jacket and chunky heels, these trousers will be making an appearance in my wardrobe VERY soon. 


American Apparel- £33, a bright shade like this would only need a simple vest underneath and maybe some shorts or jeans. 

Miss Selfridge- £35, another one of my favourite's the pink softens the look of the dazzling brights. I would wear this with a simple vest top and bright shorts. 

New Look- £29.99, this boxy blazer would look great over the top of an orange top and a similar shaded skirt. Just be Brave. 
Also look out for vibrant cardigans in all colours of the rainbow to inject some dazzling colour to your wardrobe. 


YOOX- £69 the safer alternative to a yellow jacket, wear these shoes with confidence and let the yellow shine into your life and make you smile. 

Miss Selfridge- £45, two trends in one these shoes nod at both colour and the 70's. Wear with a gorgeous dazzling skirt, bright jeans or vibrant shorts. 

Notes on wearing colour:

  • Too shy to wear all out colour, introduce lush accessories via, bags, shoes and jewellery.
  • Black will soften the look. 
  • Bright bottom half? Team with a white vest top to break the colours up. 
  • Have FUN!!