Saturday, 31 March 2012

21st Birthday Haul

It was my 21st birthday on Thursday and after having come back from a lovely spa stay (more on that in another post) I got to open presents from friends and family. Here's some of the stuff I got. 

My sister got me a goody bag of stuff and I thought it was all so nice because I can tell she put a lot of thought into every thing she bought. 
She got me a notebook, some eyelashes, a purple shatter nail polish and a pink lipstick which is super moisturizing and has a nice sheer sort of colour. 
I haven't wore the eyelashes yet but because they are a natural set I may wear them in the day which I've never done before I normally reserve my eyelashes for nights out. 
Does anyone else wear eyelashes in the day? 

My uncle got me a gorgeous yet simple and subtle Pandora bracelet which is leather bound I like the simplicity of it and if I get any charms I'd wear just one or two with it but definitely would not over clutter the bracelet. 

My best friend also got me a selection of presents, it was also her birthday a few days before so we've had a lot to celebrate the past week, I got her a lady gaga book, an eyeko eye liner and a big orange topshop ring. 
She got me some sleep in curlers because she knows I'm heavily into curling my hair, the new eyeliner tattoo's that have recently came out has anyone else seen them? Have you got a pair? I'll have to do some sort of review on these soon. She also got me some gorgeous jewellery, a cross necklace which I saw on ASOS and she sneakily bought it for me, a pair of earrings which are so pretty yet make a lovely statement and she got me two rings which connect with a metal chain I think this is so unique and make a bold addition to an outfit. 

My parents got me a spa break (which I'm going to write about in another post) and in the morning we had breakfast in bed, so I heard a knock at the door and there stood 2 girls breakfast in one hand and presents in the other, some how my mom managed to sneak the presents in and give them to the staff. 
It was an amazing suprise and opened them up while digging into rice krispsies and toast and jam, I got an amazing money jar which you have to break to get into and has 21st treats written on, I'm using it to save up for my holiday so any spare change is going right in here. 
The second thing she got me was a huge suprise- a camera!!! I needed a camera for a while and had pointed a few out but had never in a million years thought I'd actually get one. So as you can imagine my face was light up with delight and I must have said thank you about a million times over. 

The day after my birthday me and my friend went shopping and this is just the stuff I got from some birthday money.
A skull necklace from Topshop which goes really nice under a shirt collar. Also I love the colours and it reminds me of the Vivienne Westwood one.
The second thing I got was a shirt from River Island in the sale at £12 I liked it because of the cute cowboy style neck tie which I thought made it more interesting. 
Lastly I got these boot shoes because they reminded me of the Jeffery Campbell Lita's and they are so high plus I never know when I'm going to wear them but I just had to have them!

Lastly my boyfriend took  me shopping and got me a bunch of stuff in Derby. 
The first picture is a jumper from River Island that was reduced to £12 I thought it was a gorgeous colour and imagine it to go quite well with my maxi skirt. 
He also got me a skirt from Topshop as my other black skirt is now too big (yay) and some cream blush (review later)
Lastly we went to a shop called zoo where we got this cream oversized jumper for £15 (bargain) it's so light that I thought it would make a great cover up for the summer evenings. 

Well that's it for my birthday post I've done a lot of shopping and have enough clothes now to last me forever which is good as me and my mom are on a shopping ban for the whole of april eek but more on that in another post. 
I had an amazing birthday week and am sad to be back at work again tomorrow :( 
but I'm so happy at everything I got and the time I spent with my mom at the spa, which I think was the best present of all. 

What was your favorite piece of clothing? 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mid Week Shopping

Brown Platform Loafers- Primark
Black Boots- New Look
Dress- Primark

When your friend has the day off work and suggests going shopping one does not simply say no. 

I have A LOT of shoes but then a pair gets reduced to £6 and well what kind of girl would I be if I simply walked off without at least trying them on, now let me say when you try a pair of shoes and they fit like a glove and are not only gorgeous but comfy you HAVE to buy them, I'm not yet sure what they will go with but I'm thinking some beige trousers and cream shirt. 

The second pair of shoes are from New Look and I kept seeing similar pairs around and really (let me say that again) really wanted some. These have a silver bar going across the front which I thought added an interesting touch, they are comfy AND went with the outfit I was wearing (Grey Topshop midi dress with black leopard print kimono) so with £27.99 down they were mine, my friend wanted some as well but there were none left in her size, but she can borrow mine...if she can prise them off my feet. 

With the weather getting warmer I can't help but look at these sorts of light flowing dresses, stripes seem to be everywhere right now so I thought this one would be a good choice, they also had aztec print, leopard and a gorgeous scarf print as well. 
The dress fits my figure quite nicely and skims over the bits you really do not want people looking at, the length on me is a little bit short but I just won't bend down in it. 
This beaut was £10 from Primark and is very happy in my wardrobe. 

Has any one else had a midweek shopping trip?
If so what did you buy?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Girl about town

First of all let me apologise for the picture quality I currently don't have a camera so these pictures are a mix of web cam and phone camera pictures. 
On Friday I had my interview at Birmingham City University to study fashion retail management, it went alright and I'll hear back in about a week, but after the interview me and my mom went into selfridges and had a look around.
You could literally spend so much money in that place it is ridiculous, we went round the food hall and got some lucky charms, frosting and krispy Kream's. 
Then we decided to look at the Make-up counters, my mom treated herself to some MAC studio fix foundation which makes her skin look amazing. 
She then said she'd treat me to something and a girl just cannot say no to an offer like that. 
I've seen the girl about town lipstick from MAC just about everywhere on blogs, people raving about the colour so I had my eye on it for a while. 
I grabbed a swatch of it and fell in love so had to have it.  
It made it's first d├ębut while I was at work on Saturday and it lasted ALL day with no re-applications so that was an absolute bonus for me. 

Today has been a nice chilled out day, with it being Mother's day I've been on tea duty all day and managed to make my mom bacon sandwiches before giving her the presents off me and my sister, we got her a Lorraine Pascale baking made easy cook book because my mom just absolutely adores baking cakes you have not lived till you've tried her cupcakes and millionaire's shortbread- absolutely amazing. we also got her some Umberto Giannini hair masque and frizz control spray and a silk jasmine scented eye mask. 
What did you guys get your mom?

Happy Mother's Day all. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Monday, 12 March 2012

Sugar Rush

You can't open a magazine without seeing the amazing campaign from Louis Vuitton featuring soft waves of colour and girls posing next to ice cream sundaes in a vintage style ice cream parlour.

These images conjure up scenes of summer sitting in the park in a delicate powder blue lace dress, from Valentino, or sitting in a patisserie pinky in the air eating a sugary bun in a Jonathan Saunders mix of pale pink and yellow.

    Valentino                                                            Jonathan Saunders 

It is trend that I'm seeing a lot of recently, gorgeous hues of sugary bursts of colour from mint shirts to sheer pink dresses, that make you feel like a Princess.

This is one trend I'll be following by trying to add a pastel shade to my wardrobe of typically black and grey (classic) but sometimes boring clothes, it's perfect for some one like me who is not necessarily afraid of colour but not sure how to go about wearing it.

I've got my eye on this gorgeous green Topshop Skirt that reminds me of the Simone Rocha dress Lady GaGa wore in January's Elle. It's actual colour is like a mint green though you can't tell in the picture and worn with a simple white cami vest top and some brogues I think it will make the perfect sweet addition to my wardrobe.

Red Sole

There's always one designer piece that EVERYONE covets, from a classic Chanel 2.55 Bag to a perfectly British Burberry Trench.

Now shoes come and go and of course most women would sell their Grandma's for some Jimmy Choo's or Manlo Blahnik's but in more recent years there's been a certain red sole that has captured women's hearts and become a lust have, synonymous with Hollywood Glamour and Splendour.

Getting inspiration from his assistant Christian Louboutin first painted the soles of his shoes red after seeing her painting her nails red and thought about using that in his line of shoes.

Ever since his shoes have been worn by everyone from Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker to Penelope Cruz and his gorgeous muse Blake Lively.

And it is because of his high status and long career that London Design Museum is holding an exhibition of the wonderful shoe designer that is Christian Louboutin, taking the public through personal archives of designs and drawings from original sketches all the way to production. All showcasing his career from apprentice to working with Chanel and YSL all the way to his own line in 1989.

Running from 28th March-July 1st, I for one am hoping to go and get me some serious shoe porn!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Voucher Haul

I got some Vouchers for Christmas which were for New Look and have so far resisted buying anything as I wanted something I really liked, however me and my mom popped down there today and had a look and they were having a promotion on jewellery buy one get one free so I bought the cross  necklace for £6.99 and got the gorgeous coral and diamante earrings FREE! I loved the cross as I thought it was quite a statement piece for when you are wearing quite plain clothes and the earrings looked so retro and cool that I couldn't say no. 
And so on to the bag, I've wanted to buy like a big clutch bag for a while but the ones I kept seeing were either too expensive or cheap looking, but then I saw this teal green bag buried on a rack of sale items, it didn't have a sale sticker but I thought you know what £12 is not bad for a bag I will use all the time. It's big enough to carry EVERYTHING I need on a night out and I loved the colour so decided to buy it anyway, took it to the counter and it was scanned at £5, I couldn't believe it what a bargain and I never seem to get a bargain. So after today I only spent £11 in vouchers so still have a couple of quid left for a nice dress or something. 

These were bought a couple of days ago, at work we won a local incentive and each got £50 worth of vouchers to spend, I already bought some jewellery from Topshop but still had £40 left which was burning a hole in my pocket so I had a look in Topshop and saw this wild top which was £20 and although I liked it I never bought it, I went in again saw it liked it but still didn't buy it then the third time I went in I thought why not just try it, so I put in on and fell in love it's so cute and suitable for the summer and festival season. It has a sheer front panel with the print on then the back is plain white, and then I saw this gold glitter pencil skirt and thought to myself how different, so I tried them both on together and they just kind of went so I had to get them both the skirt was £32 and I would never have spent that but I had vouchers so thought why not.
I can't wait to wear them out.

I love shopping when it doesn't cost you anything