Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hot Pink Glossy Box

Clarins Extra Firming day and night cream
Fab Body Moisturizer
Murad Skin Perfecting Primer
Eyeko skinny eyeliner in Midnight Blue

I Finally got my Glossy box, not sure when it was delivered but I was at my boyfriend's till today so have only just opened it up, now I'm a sucker for spoilers so knew round about what would be in here also knew what I wanted from the various blogs I've read. 

And I'm happy to say I got everything I wanted. 

I've seen a few complaints about the Clarins products, people saying they are too young for such products, however I think you're never to young and they are just samples to try out, so if you like the feel of the cream but not the fact that it's for older skin types you might want to buy a full size Clarins product but a different type. Overall I like the feel of the two Clarins products and can't wait to see how they go on my skin.

I love the Eyeko eyeliner and was considering buying something from their range anyway so am quite happy I got this, my colour is midnight blue, I kind of wanted the pink colour some people got as I wanted to use it on my waterline but am still quite happy with the blue as it is good for using in the day when you don't want something as dark as a black eyeliner.

The Fab moisturizer feels quite nice on the skin but doesn't have in my opinion an amazing smell I would have liked it to be more fragranced but that's just my opinion because I love fragranced moisturizer's. It will be going in my wash bag for when I'm at my boyfriend's or elsewhere because it is such a cute size. 

I've heard of murad before but never used their products and am really into skin primer's (I'm currently using GOSH and Benefit's that gal) so am intrigued as to how well this is going to fare against the other two primers I use. 

Overall I like this month's Glossy box, however I've had to cancel my account because I'm saving all my pennies for a lovely holiday later this year. 
Did any one else get the glossy box? 
What did you think? 

Friday, 20 January 2012

Simone Rocha

"I've always wanted to design feminine clothes but I think what makes them cool is toughening them up with a harder edge" Simone Rocha tells Nylon, and it's true as demonstrated with her Spring 2012 collection. The first look was a plastic trench coat underlined with white lace, a tough exterior showing peeks of a softer side.
S/S 12

The show continued this way, featuring more plastic and lace to gorgeous tailored pieces and romantically relaxed dresses as showcased by Lady Gaga on the January cover of Elle.

January 2012 UK edition of Elle

As the daughter of John Rocha a designer with 25 plus years of experience it could be said that designing is in her blood. 
Born in Dublin, she moved to England to study at Central Saint Martin's college of art and design and proceeded to graduate in 2010. She then went on to to debut at London Fashion Week showing her S/S and A/W collections.

S/S 11
S/S 11

A/W 11
A/W 11

What makes Simone Rocha's designs stand out is the juxtaposition of textures, fabrics and the emotions evoking from her designs, for instance a chiffon dress styled with brogues makes a very feminine piece more edgy and wearable for the day or a tailored jacket with sheer sleeves in a contrasting colour, it's this mix of feminine and masculine designs colliding together that create hugely wearable pieces for the average woman with a bit of an edge. 

S/S 12
S/S 12

From her London Fashion Week debut Simone has gone on to design a capsule collection as part of Topshop's graduate designs. She has also featured as a store front window at Selfridges as their bright young things 2011. 
As well as getting recognition in the UK Simone is also gaining respect and praise from international stores with her designs being stocked in such shops as Colette in Paris. 
So what's next for Simone Rocha in 2012? 
Well first up is her solo catwalk show at London Fashion week the 18th February 2012. Then more international stockists, collaboration's and brand development, so keep your eye out for more from this girl because 2012 is looking to be her year. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Never Fully Dressed

I've been meaning to write this post for just under a year now and I keep getting distracted, partly from work but also because I wanted to keep them a secret to myself. 
This post is about an independent clothing brand who, sell their wears at Portobello  and Spitalfields on their website and more recently on ASOS marketplace they have even had Fearne Cotton wear one of their pieces. 
I'm talking about Never Fully Dressed, of NFD for short. 
I first came across NFD, in 2010 when I saw them at Birmingham Clothes Show and desperately wanted to buy everything and have noticed them growing more and more in the past 2 years to the point where they got mentioned in the telegraph fashion section. 

Most of what they sell is one size only but they are over sized gorgeous drapes of fabric so you can't complain, from gorgeous chiffon frocks ready for festival fabulousness to metallic over sized tee's there is something for everyone in fact I dare you to go on their website and not crave and lust after if not one but several pieces. 
Oh and did I forget to mention...they also sell Jewellery, so get yourself over there or if you would prefer go to  ASOS Marketplace

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Versace for H&M

After being teased for weeks from emerging pictures of the collection tomorrow is the release date of the hugely anticipated Versace for H&M cruisewear collection.  
Featuring gorgeous candy colours on hugely wearable designed dresses, sleepwear and even accessories, the collection boasts of it's holiday wear and everyday pieces.
Donatella Versace has told fashion reporter's a lot about her collaboration with the Swedish company,
"This cruise collection is full of pretty, elegant pieces for women and strong new staples for men, all with a fresh feeling for a new year. It has been such a pleasure working with H&M, I am thrilled to be collaborating with them one more time for the online exclusive collection."
Pictured on Abbey Lee Kershaw the model of the moment wears the collection wonderfully and really shows of the detail. 
Being sold online only, girls and boys alike need to get their clicking fingers ready, the last collection sold out within 24 hours. 

I personally have my eye on this wonderful bracelet a bargain at only £24.99 and of course it will go with everything in my wardrobe. 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fashion Want of the Week: Charlotte Olympia

Who wouldn't want Charlotte Olympia's Perspex Pandora clutch. This is the only evening bag you would ever what with a choice between red/orange, purple/pink and blue/green pouches you can match them to your outfit, making every other bag you own completely redundant but who am I kidding you can't own just one bag.
I especially like the spider clasp that gives this clutch a vampy edge.

Buy from net-a-porter for £405

Photo's from net-a-porter no copyright infringement intended all credit goes to relative sources. 

Friday, 13 January 2012

January Detox

Big Ben chimes and before the last firework can pop we are in a drunken stupor vowing to detox, no booze, no cigarette's and no fast food.
Now it's the second weekend in January you still haven't had the last of those Christmas chocolate's or that last bit of wine waiting for you under the kitchen cabinet so how about instead we don't have a miserable Januray and detox our wardrobes instead to inject Spring into our lives and with it bring the light at the end of these cold, wet months.

Trends Featured:
 Dipped Hemline's

These are just some trends to look forward to the next coming months, personally I'm loving the neon vibe going on at the moment and in complete juxtaposing fashion I'm also loving pastel colour's, I'm even wearing it on my nails. 

Matching Gaga's Simone Rocha dress on the cover of Elle. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Front Row Seats

I've been so naughty with this blog and have completely neglected it for quite some time now, but I'm getting excited again for fashion and everything that comes with it but what brought this on you say?
Well I got excited when I found out a certain designer was releasing a certain collection for affordable prices and so I have a name for you, a name that will resonate with lovers of fashion everywhere and that name is

Oh yes having recently found out that he's launching an affordable 70 piece collection called Karl by Karl Lagerfeld, where prices actually start from £50! I got excited is this news of more things to come will more designers be designing not only for couture runway shows but for people like us who want to own a piece of affordable luxury. And this is one bit of luxury fashion that we can all be a part of.

Who doesn't want to own a piece of Karl and knowing his designs for Chanel and Fendi you know it will be wearable and classic.

To be apart of this go to http://www.karllagerfeld.com/ and sign up to be a part of the exclusive pre-launch on net-a-porter. Then while you're at it pop on over to net-a-porter and download the app.

The collection launches 25th January and we all have front row seats for the newest thing in fashion this year.