Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nails It!

N Ring- £4.00
Nail Wraps- £7.50
Nail Art Pen- £6.50 

One of my favourite pastimes is browsing TOPSHOP.co.uk and looking at all the nice things and trying to resist buying but end up buying anyway then regretting it but feel the stuff is too pretty to return and well I had that moment 3 days ago. 
And as you can tell my willpower was having a day off as he often does the lazy so and so. 
The package came today which was quite nice as I wasn't expecting it till Friday and I don't know about anyone else but I also love the TOPSHOP packaging, it always makes opening it so much better. 
This time round I had bought a ring, nail wraps and a nail art pen. 
I'd been after a midi ring for a while and when I saw this one I just HAD to get it and it was only £4 well go on then. It has a cute little N inlaid into the ring (obviously my name starts with N otherwise that just would have been plain silly) As far as I can tell they have all the alphabet so I may also get one for my sister and friend for their birthdays that are coming up. 
The wraps were a complete curiosity buy upon receiving them I'm neither amazed or disappointed, they kind of remind me of bubble wrap but maybe they will look better when I get them on. 
The pen is something I've wanted to see if I can do me a bit of nail art it seems fairly easy I'm just going to say though I'm a bit annoyed at the amount of sequins/diamante but nether the less I'll see how I get on with it. 
Have you ever tried nail wraps or nail art before? If so and you have some pictures link me. 

Two Tone

Top and Shoes- TOPSHOP £20, £28
Denim Shirt- Tesco £5
Necklace and Leggings- River Island £5, £18
Pug Harry- My own Priceless

It seems the trend of dip dying has transitioned to clothing, which I for one am a Massive fan of.
When I saw this top in TOPSHOP I just had to get it.
The top itself is super versatile I've teamed it with a pair of disco leggings from River Island and a denim shirt I got from Tesco years ago which I feel gives it a grungy edge. I'm also wearing studded flats from TOPSHOP, a crystal necklace from River Island and the ultimate accessory my little Pug Harry.
I feel like this top will take me far into the seasons paring it with shorts in Summer and tan sandals.
What do you think of the Dip Dye trend? And how do you feel about it being used on clothing.