Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I have a bit of catching up to do on London fashion week posts, so will post a quick run through of my favourites tomorrow, as well as some other stuff I've got planned.

Went to a zumba class today, has any one else heard of it before? I tell you what I sweated in places I didn't even know exsisted, it was fun and exhilirating. Me and my friend are doing each week in an attempt to finally loose those Christmas pounds.

On another note, I've sent off my fashion portfolio to Sussex, I have a uni interview at Southampton AND I need to write a small piece for UCA- epsom, which I'm quite looking forward to sinking my teeth into- The question I need to answer is: "If you were stuck on a desert Island what publication would you get sent by pigeon post?" So anyone who reads this blog, I ask you what is the one magazine you could not live without even if you were stuck on a remote island, somewhere preferably with yummy pineapple, swinging hammocks and some factor 30.

Monday, 21 February 2011

LFW 20th Feb

Day 3 of London Fashion week and Margaret Howell,who used tailored pieces and waist cinching belts with brogues, was the opening show and the day went on the feature, Acne, Jasper Conran, Nicole Farhi, Osman, Matthew Williamson and Richard Nicoll.  

I've found it so hard to not write and write about all the amazing designers but have had to narrow it down to some of my favourite's that I am just going to gush about. 

Antonio Berardi, it was hard to choose just a few images from this collection. I loved the way he used different layers of fabric to create volume and texture. The dress above is my fave because of the sexy cut and gorgeous sheen. 

Hold on to your Dalmatian's because this collection features gorgeous spot printed dresses and jumpsuits. The peter pan collars are absolutely wonderful and the tailored look is feminine and edgy. This collection is just another of my favourites of the day. 

Vivienne Westwood Red Label
I wanted to put all the pictures from this runway up but obviously couldn't, I suggest everyone looks at this collection because it is beautiful. The first outfit really appeals to me as I have a lifelong love with high waisted skirts. The velvet jacket and shorts combo looks quite child-like but has been given a grown up twist  by using a white blouse and showing off the waist. 

Temperly London
Last but certainly not least, Temperly London used silk and lace to create grown up glamour, each piece is stunning and it's hard to decide which one really stands out. 
I love the middle outfit, the white would really stand out against a gorgeous black sleeveless jacket and given some edge with thick black ankle boots. 
But saying that every outfit is wonderful and just cannot be compared. 

Photo's are not mine and no copyright infringement intended these photo's are used solely for the purpose of this blog and have not been reproduced or sold in any form. Photo's are from      

Delicate Grunge

Jaeger SS11
One of my favourite trends this is about mixing the delicate (silk, chiffon, luxurious jackets) with a grungy twist- (thick jumper, leather, parka's army boots) 

My fave looks of the season are featured below. 

£20- Boohoo

£20 Fashion Union

£40 Oasis
Blouses should be light-weight and be able to wear them tucked in or out, also check out DKNY, Math Collective, Mink Pink and New Look.

£42 USC

£50 Asos

£20 Boohoo

£38 Rare

Dresses can be any colour but again should be lightweight, look for either flowing fabrics or slightly structured, also look at, Nanette Lepore, Bebaroque, Miss Selfridge and Urban Outfitters. 

£200 Urban Outfitters

£45 Urban Outfitters

Wear the leather skirt with cute wedges and a blouse that is tucked out to give it that delicate edge. Also look at, YOOX, Asos, Whistles and Yogo Ego.

£40 Asos

£20 Boohoo

£34 Miss Selfridge

£35 Miss Selfridge

I think peg trousers work best for this look, but I would also be tempted to wear tan harem trousers, or straight legs rolled up at the cuff. A nude palette works well but obviously you are not limited to that, make your own choices and what you think goes and mix and match. 
For more trousers go to, French Connection and Dorothy Perkins, though Miss Selfridge seem to be at the fore front of this trend. 

£10 Asda

£45 Miss Selfridge

The maxi skirt can be any colour and can be teamed with army boots and thick socks or thick wedge ankle boots. Wear with a blouse and cinched in jacket or a thick jumper, preferably a man's. 
You can also look at maxi skirts on Urban Outfitters and Asos. 

£35 Boohoo

£55 Urban Outfitters

The sleeveless jacket is a massive trend this season as seen on the catwalk from collections such as Jaeger, Preen and Acne. They are perfect over chiffon dresses or over a blouse with trousers. These jackets are NOT to be confused with waistcoats and can be left open or cinched in at the waist. 
For more styles also look at, Ted Baker and Banana Republic or buy your preferable jacket and un-stitch the arms. 

Delicate Grunge should not be about following guidelines but rather layering delicate pieces over structured jackets, skirts or trousers. Leather jackets with a maxi dress or a billowing blouse with some gorgeous straight leg trousers is what this is all about. 
But most of all have fun with is, you really can't go wrong. 

Sunday, 20 February 2011

LFW- 19th Feb

Day 2 of London Fashion week and the  day kicked off with Dak's collection, which featured tartan, quilted fabrics and leather, which is looking to be a key trend for Autumn/Winter with leather skirts, tops and dresses featured through-out many designers collections. 

For me the favourite of the day is Kinder Aggugini who's gathered fabrics and monochrome chic screamed out sophistication at the highest level, perfect for that lady-like look I've grown so accustomed to. 

Another collection that stood out to me was Louise Gray, she used colour's, prints and layers of fabric to create multi-dimensional looks with a fun twist. 

John Rocha used textured fabrics to create a volumized silhouette, this mixed with a few pieces of sheer fabric gave the look an unexpected edge as the sheer coincided with the volume to make the look more feminine.

Issa London was another of my favourite's, the collection was a mixture of 70's glamour dresses and Parrissiene chic which juxtaposed each other but created a beautiful harmony with the luxurious cuts and fabrics. 

The day also featured the likes of Clements Ribeiro and Betty Jackson, along with Charles Anastase Jaeger London, House of Holland and Jonathan Saunders. 

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

LFW - part one

London Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with a 9am start with Paul Costelloe, who's elegant tailoring showed us what's to come for Autumn/Winter 2011, Tartan and Brocade features heavily in his collection as well as tweed and geometric prints. 

The day went on to feature, Maria Grachvogel, Jena Theo and many other talented designers. 

Must say my favourite's were, Sass & Bide, who used belted scarves and cardigans in printed colours to give the show a winter feel, fringing was used on a gorgeous skirt which really appealed to me and beautiful gathering on tops and dresses looked like a major trend for the party season. 

Felder Felder, doesn't disappoint with giving the show a punk rock feel, leather was used on bra-lets and skirts and mixed with floaty fabric to give the look a twist. Silver also featured on the catwalk giving the collection a futuristic feel. 

Silver also featured with Bora Aksa- who's show went all out futuristic, with volume and layers. 

Another favourite for me was PPQ, velvet and gorgeous tailoring made it stand out for me. I also loved how the models wore bows in their hair and the long sleeves were for once extremely practical. 

Photo's are not mine and no copyright infringement intended these photo's are used solely for the purpose of this blog and have not been reproduced or sold in any form. Photo's are from

Thursday, 17 February 2011

LFW Survival Kit

London Fashion Week is fast approaching and with many things on people's minds on one of the most hectic weeks in the fashion calender, I decided to do a LFW survival kit, just a quick piece about the essentials to take with you, to help everything run a little bit more smoothly. 

First things first the outfit, you want to be wearing something comfortable yet stylish after all this is London Fashion Week. The shoes you wear are to be considered massively, you want to be wearing some that are comfortable and easy to walk around in. 
The shoes pictured are from Forever 21 and personally I find wedges THE most comfortable shoe around without substituting style. Wedges add that bit of height and sophistication to any outfit.

England isn't famed for it's hot weather and sunny skies, so the best bet is to to wrap up warm, but you want layers in case all that running around gets you too hot. Open Cable knit jumpers (pictured is from topshop) are amazing because they are on trend and you can layer up different vest tops of long sleeve and short sleeve underneath to go along with the changing temperatures.

The harem trousers are from Dorothy Perkins and I chose trousers because I feel like they would be more comfortable then say a dress or skirt, also trousers especially tapered ones are very on trend right now so I was going for a comfortable yet chic look, that you can wear all day without feeling self conscience.

The colour palette I was aiming for is a mix of camel, nude and tan. This is a complete contrast to the acid brights we are seeing everywhere, I think what you wear should be understated chic, you should almost channel  Parisienne style but give it your own twist, for instance the mustard bag from Debenhams adds a quirky twist to this otherwise muted palette of colours.

You should mix your outfit up with small details to make it more original and personal to you. But remember to be comfortable because you will be running around in it all day. 

This brings us on to the bag essentials. 
The bag as stated is from Debenhams and is a satchel style, so it is on trend and a roomy bag without being too big.

In the bag there is a Filofax, which is there to write notes and important runway show times in for when everything is coming down on top of you this should be your life-line.

Make-up wise, you should pack a good concealer, the one pictured is Laura Mercier, this is to stop your make-up looking dull and tired, a simple highlight and cover up can freshen the skin up instantly.

Two essentials that I personally would be lost without is eye-liner and mascara, these two products can make eyes appear wider and brighter, great when it's early mornings all round.

Face wipes are a brilliant must have because not only do they fix make-up mistakes, but they freshen up your skin and can make you feel fresh in sweaty areas (if you get what I mean).

When running around your hair can become flat and lifeless, to combat this simply pop your head upside down and spray batiste dry shampoo on hair to give it more volume, stores now do a travel size spray so it doesn't take much room up in your bag at all.

Last but not least is perfume, you want to smell nice all day especially in an environment where you are mingling with different people, the perfume featured is Jimmy Choo's which if you haven't smelt yet, you really should because it's gorgeous.

Now you don't want to be taking a full bottle of perfume out with you in your bag for fear of it leaking or even worse breaking, so you can now buy travalo's which you simply pop on top of your perfume and pump the spray it then fills with the perfume and you can pop it in your bag and it lasts for 50 sprays, if you want to put a new perfume in after it's all gone just wash with water and use again. This little gadget is brill because it saves the hassle of having to buy a little perfume to take round with you. 

Top Tips

  • Be Comfortable
  • Wear comfy shoes
  • Don't forget a pen or notepad
  • Don't overfill your make-up bag
  • Take a roomy bag to fit everything you need in but don't over pack
  • Stay Fresh
  • Drink lots of water
  • Layer up 
  • And remember to use your own individual style in everything you wear. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

I said I'd do a video and here it is, I am a bit awkward in it, I've never done one before but hopefully it will get better I think next weeks will be much better. 
The video is about bags, next week I'll be doing one about shoes and after that hopefully a customize DIY video but we shall see. 

Obviously I'm a better writer than I am speaker.
Thanks for watching.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Once a week I'll be doing a video for this blog, my idea's aren't too amazing but I'm going to be building up to showing people some quick fix DIY bits for clothes that need a little jazzing up so please bare with me.

Tomorrow is a video of my bags basically, with a what's in my bag bit., idea courtesy of 
Sorry if I seem really awkward and nervous hopefully I'll get better.
After that a look at my shoes, accessories, then doing some simple diy bits, hopefully more idea's will be coming to me, I think I'll also do video's of fashion hauls and yeah just bits and bobs, let's see how it goes.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Fashion Want of The Week

Elizabeth and James cotton blazer- £142. 

But I'm currently on the look out for a cheaper alternative, but it has to be blue, however if the right silk one catches my eye I will be investing. 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Royal Fashion

Whether you are a big fan of the royals or not, there is no denying that it will be a big moment in British history when Kate Middleton and Prince William finally tie the knot, and what better way for us fashionista's to celebrate the moment with a William and Kate dress up book. 
Simply cut the dolls out and dress them up in various outfits. This really does take me back to when I was younger and had little books of clothes that I cut out and dressed a paper dolly in, so if you don't get it for the wedding memorabilia then please get it as a piece of nostalgia. 
£5.99, available from the 3rd March 

Gypsy Fashion

Any one else been watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? 
Well remember it because gypsy fashion is coming in, but think more headbands and gold chunky jewellery, almost like a fortune teller rather than light up butterfly wedding dresses. 
The headband or more half turban that I'm wearing in this photo is from River Island at £7.99, I also have a full head one from Topshop at £12.