Thursday, 10 January 2013

Year In Photo's

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Made up my Year in 2012 Here's to another good one with new Challenges. 

Beetle Juicer

Leggings- ASOS
Top- Urban Outfitters
Boots- Topshop
Necklace- ASOS 

I've made a conscience decision to try and do an outfit post once a week to actually try and make this blog more personal to me. 

The problem I seem to have is lack of space there is no where in my house or room where I can have a nice set up so I took to doing this outfit in the garden please tell me what you think. 

These leggings are probably the best thing I bought in 2012 and now I'm always on the lookout for more comfortable different leggings to wear. 

I recently purchased some knock-off Disco Pants from River Island that I will style soon and post a picture. 

I call these leggings my almost Beetle Juice leggings because despite the fact they are nothing like Beetle Juice leggings they do remind me of him. 

The boots are from Topshop and are the best boots I've ever bought, I'm always looking for a bargain and felt a bit ick about spending £40 on these but it was honestly the best £40 I've spent on shoes not a week goes by without me wearing them and they literally go with everything I know when these are deemed useless by the constant wear I will be instantly purchasing some different boots but they will definitely be from Topshop. 

So what do you guys think? 
Any tips for taking outfit posts? 

NYE outfit

For NYE my friend and I decided to go to Birmingham's propaganda at the o2 academy. It was such a good night with probably too much drink but hey that's what New Years Resolution's were made for. In the venue itself there were 3 rooms with different music genre's playing in each, upstairs was charts as far as I could tell with the second room being more dance i.e drum and bass, dubstep etc with the downstairs main room being indie rock music where admittedly most people were.

We were staying in a slightly dodgy hotel located on the outskirts of Birmingham I won't name it but wouldn't suggest staying there. Let's just say it was a misleading advert however it was cheap and we only slept there. 

Anyway on to the outfits unfortunately my camera was stolen a couple of months ago so I've been saving for a new one these photos and (until I get a new camera) future photos are being taken by my phone so the quality isn't amazing but you'll get the idea.

I was wearing ASOS striped leggings, a topshop shirt with a split back.
Please excuse the socks I hadn't got my shoes on at this point but the shoes I wore are pictured below and were in the sale from river island just £35 if I remember rightly.

My friend is wearing an orange chiffon top from asos and disco pants from missguided.

£35 River Island Sale

Below are some random photo's from the night.

All in all it was a very good night the only regret I have is not taking more photo's, but the quality would have been truly awful. 

What did everyone else wear for their New Years Eve? 
And what are your resolutions? 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year New Me New Start New New New

It's a new year and my resolution is to get back in to writing so I'm re-starting this blog, I feel so embarrassed that I let it go so long without up-dating but I had a lot of personal problems in the past few months, without going in to too much detail my uncle was diagnosed with leukemia so my whole family sort of went in to supportive mode I am happy to report though that he is on the up with amazing results from chemo, I also lost my job, had to leave university, had a lot of problems with student finance, then me and my boyfriend of 5 years broke up so even though it all seems superficial and silly I kind of broke down and went a bit mad over the past couple of months going out far too much and just trying to keep myself busy by being out as much as possible.

This however is a new year and with a new year there comes new possibilities, new opportunities, new skills to learn and a whole year to reflect and re-invent.

My outlook on life has changed dramatically and I've realized that you need to stop waiting for good things to happen and make them happen and if you want to do something but you have no one to do it with then fuck it and go it alone.

I've come to find how unbelievably lucky I truly am I have an absolutely wonderful family, my friends are the best, I have my best friend that through thick and thin will always be there, I am healthy and have a roof over my head and that's better than most people in the world.

My aim for this year is to learn new skills, get a hobby, go travelling and make some memories.

And starting from today blog more, take photos and make this some where I can write about something I care about.

Here's to a wonderful 2013 and some new happy memories.