Friday, 31 December 2010

Snake Valley

Topshop's first spring collection has arrived in shops, it's a collection of hippy pieces with snake print and tassels, think gypsy rocker. To get the look invest in some moccasins (which I personally think every girl should own a pair any way- so comfy and versatile)  and wear colours of turquoise and purple. The trousers should be worn down and the shorts paired with slightly ripped tights.
The key to this look is layering and although I can leave the snakeskin (never been a big fan) I love the tassels and pure British-ness of layer it up and wear what you want.
These are some of my favourites:

Jumper £75

Oversized tee £30 perfect with leather shorts.

Playsuit £35- Favourite item in fact I can't wait to get paid so I can buy this myself. 

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Alexander McQueen

With the departure of an absolute fashion icon that was McQueen (R.I.P.), the fashion world wondered what would happen to his brand, that is until Sarah Burton was named creative director, being McQueen's, right hand lady she worked with him for 15 years, while always giving her input she was credited with completing the autumn/winter collection, 2010/2011 following McQueen's suicide and while many think she's perfect for the job, she had to prove herself with the s/s11 collection, whilst showcasing herself and paying respect to McQueen, she had a tough job but the collection went down a storm.

Showcasing a beautiful dress, the juxtaposition between the nude and pure black motif makes this piece really stand out.

McQueen often used tailored pieces and geared them towards the feminine side by using strong silhouette mixed with a softer side of fabric or print, here Burton has used one of McQueen's most popular methods to pay homage to the designer, the dress is strong with the leather belt but made softer by the cascading hem and soft collar, the tailored suit becomes the strongest of the two but the recurring print of floral design has made it  slightly more feminine whilst still retaining the powerful profile that the suit creates. 

Again Burton has mixed strong and soft in the dress to stay with the theme of McQueen, the bodice is tailored  and the shoulders are strong, but this is juxtaposed with the bouffant  feather skirt and pale colour. 

Whilst Burton has done an amazing job, she has kept within the lines of what McQueen was all about
 (female strength mixed with sensuality) 
she has also shown signs of what is to come with a recurring theme of floral designs it shows the brand is being re-born, it will take time before the brand will move in extreme directions but if there was ever a lady for the job Burton is the one to do it. 

photo's from no copyright infringement intended 

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas - sale time

Merry Christmas all hope your all having a brill day filled with food and drink and spending time with loved ones. Now as we all know when it comes to christmas all the shops drop the price dramatically to increase their sales get us folk to spend our christmas there and get rid of old stock, but the key to shopping the sales is to buy items you are always going to wear and not just because they are cheap, shopping at this time of year can save you a penny or two if you buy smart, with a quick browse of the internet I've looked at some sites having sales and picked some of my favourite things at the moment, so here you go.


was £24.99 now £12, my friend actually has this dress and it is absolutely stunning on. 

was £29.99 now £12, looks like a snugly jumper which will look fab layered. 

was £35 now £7, I've only recently got into maxi skirts but I think this velvet number will look great grunged up with lace up boots and layered shirts and cardigans. 

was £130 now £60, a good leather jacket NEVER goes out of fashion.

was £69.99 now£25, statement heels are going to be all the range in the new year and nothing says statement like spikes and chains. 


was £75 now £35, velvet floral kimono, perfect to hide those lumps and bumps that indulging over the season gives. 

was £50 now £25 a beautiful dress for a new years eve party and the colour is beautiful.

was £55 now £25, a sequin maxi dress perfect for you slim women out there (whom I am eternally jealous of), wear with gorgeous heels or dress t down with cardigans and simple pumps. 

was £55 now £25, faux sheep skin, this is a nod at the aviator trend with the contrasting white and tan colours it's a bag that can be used forever.

was £60 now £30, nothing can beat a good pair of platform black patent heels, a perfect staple for any girls wardrobe. 

was £50 now £25, tailored jumpsuit. 

was £110 now £55, this to me is a pure indulgence dress but it can be worn all the time and won't go out of fashion because the little black sparkle dress is always in. 

other places having sales online are asos, debenhams and next, you just have to search for a bargain.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Scottish Designer based in London Christopher Kane worked with Giles Deacon whilst still studying in college and also attracted the attention of Donatella Versace, by winning the Lancome colour award in 2005.

Running his fashion line with his sister he launched his first collection in 2006, the show consisted of bandage styles in neon colours, which were then coveted by almost every woman in the UK, and was mass produced by the high street to what we now refer to as body-con dresses, when asked why he used neon colours he said “only used neon last year because it was (his) first collection and I wanted to go as bright as possible”.

He subsequently went on to a 2nd collection, which featured a more relaxed silhouette by using leather and velvet.

He has since gone on to create many collections each better than the other, from 2007 where he introduced snake skin printed chiffon to his 2008/09 collection featuring over sized circular like sequins.

 In 2009 he made a small capsule collection with topshop, which consisted of 36 pieces ready to wear, many items sold out and some now go for quite a bit of cash, I myself own a lace, one shouldered piece. (pictured)

This brings us up to the 2011 collections, one of which being the ready to wear collection,his sister Tammy called the collection “Princess Margaret on acid” due to the neon take on a sophisticated look. 

 Then there is the resort line which I myself am most excited about, Christopher Kane has gone out of this world with his cosmic printed dresses and t-shirts, a truly iconic collection has captured the eyes of many young women and it’s this very nebula explosion of colour that has made him one of my most favoured designers, when asked about his line he explained that he liked “the idea of explosive outwards expansion” .

Buy the pieces at

Friday, 17 December 2010

Quick Update and what to expect over the weekend

I'm going to my parents tonight where I'll be able to edit and upload video's from the clothes show I've not done it before now because I left all the stuff there (silly me), so expect a post on that later today, I am also doing a piece over the weekend about Christopher Kane, my favourite designer since his collab with topshop and then I'm doing a small feature about Balmain inspired party wear for the party season and then a more casual tone for those girls who prefer to dress down or who unlike me were born without the magpie gene.
So a lot to get doing over the weekend but for now I have work.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Clothes show 2010

Clothes show was brilliant, I got some small though bad quality video's from the catwalk and will be posting some photo's of all the stuff I got such as a vintage polka dot dress and a gorgeous nude play suit. I can't post the pictures/video's up right now as I'm not at home with all my wires etc, so I'll do it at the first chance I get when I'm back home. Did anyone else go and if so what amazing goodies did you get?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cold or Not

The winter has finally caught up with me and I'm the fabulous new owner of a cold, that's right ladies get one now they are so in trend.
So while I'm trying to pump myself up ready to go to work in a few hours time, I will say this, tomorrow I'm going to the Birmingham clothes show (cold or not) so will hopefully be posting pictures and some fashion buys on Sunday is any one else going this weekend?
I've never been before so am hoping to have a brilliant time.