Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Winter Hot!

With the cold nights coming in and nothing more than 5 hours of sunshine a day we know that winter is here, although I hate the dark and cold nights I can feel happy with myself knowing that with winter comes little joys  that summer just doesn't provide.

  • Seeing your breath in front of your face. 
  • Thick gloves and scarves.
  • Rosy cheeks without the blusher.
  • Hot chocolate. 
  • Evenings in with a film.
  • Slippers. 
I also love the clothes that the winter season provides for us, for instance thick wolly tights, with long chunky cardigans and with the party season looming I let my inner little magpie out to feast on all the sequins and glitter that adourn the must have dresses for the christmas holidays, paired with thick opaque tights and some chunky heels, I feel that no one can go wrong with this season's look. 

wish list

FCUK-£225, sequin dress

FCUK-£160 - this one is my favourite.
Would look great with black tights and some black wedges and some gold jewellery. 

Cheaper alternatives 


New look- £27.99 

Wallis- £45 backless 

My favourite from the above is the Wallis backless dress, again it would be perfect with thick tights and some chunky heels. 

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