Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Scottish Designer based in London Christopher Kane worked with Giles Deacon whilst still studying in college and also attracted the attention of Donatella Versace, by winning the Lancome colour award in 2005.

Running his fashion line with his sister he launched his first collection in 2006, the show consisted of bandage styles in neon colours, which were then coveted by almost every woman in the UK, and was mass produced by the high street to what we now refer to as body-con dresses, when asked why he used neon colours he said “only used neon last year because it was (his) first collection and I wanted to go as bright as possible”.

He subsequently went on to a 2nd collection, which featured a more relaxed silhouette by using leather and velvet.

He has since gone on to create many collections each better than the other, from 2007 where he introduced snake skin printed chiffon to his 2008/09 collection featuring over sized circular like sequins.

 In 2009 he made a small capsule collection with topshop, which consisted of 36 pieces ready to wear, many items sold out and some now go for quite a bit of cash, I myself own a lace, one shouldered piece. (pictured)

This brings us up to the 2011 collections, one of which being the ready to wear collection,his sister Tammy called the collection “Princess Margaret on acid” due to the neon take on a sophisticated look. 

 Then there is the resort line which I myself am most excited about, Christopher Kane has gone out of this world with his cosmic printed dresses and t-shirts, a truly iconic collection has captured the eyes of many young women and it’s this very nebula explosion of colour that has made him one of my most favoured designers, when asked about his line he explained that he liked “the idea of explosive outwards expansion” .

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  1. lovely pictures :) love all the shoes!