Sunday, 26 December 2010

Alexander McQueen

With the departure of an absolute fashion icon that was McQueen (R.I.P.), the fashion world wondered what would happen to his brand, that is until Sarah Burton was named creative director, being McQueen's, right hand lady she worked with him for 15 years, while always giving her input she was credited with completing the autumn/winter collection, 2010/2011 following McQueen's suicide and while many think she's perfect for the job, she had to prove herself with the s/s11 collection, whilst showcasing herself and paying respect to McQueen, she had a tough job but the collection went down a storm.

Showcasing a beautiful dress, the juxtaposition between the nude and pure black motif makes this piece really stand out.

McQueen often used tailored pieces and geared them towards the feminine side by using strong silhouette mixed with a softer side of fabric or print, here Burton has used one of McQueen's most popular methods to pay homage to the designer, the dress is strong with the leather belt but made softer by the cascading hem and soft collar, the tailored suit becomes the strongest of the two but the recurring print of floral design has made it  slightly more feminine whilst still retaining the powerful profile that the suit creates. 

Again Burton has mixed strong and soft in the dress to stay with the theme of McQueen, the bodice is tailored  and the shoulders are strong, but this is juxtaposed with the bouffant  feather skirt and pale colour. 

Whilst Burton has done an amazing job, she has kept within the lines of what McQueen was all about
 (female strength mixed with sensuality) 
she has also shown signs of what is to come with a recurring theme of floral designs it shows the brand is being re-born, it will take time before the brand will move in extreme directions but if there was ever a lady for the job Burton is the one to do it. 

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  1. Yes, Burton sounds like the perfect lady for the job and she's done a fantastic collection here that does continue McQueen's work, while bringing something fresh to the table. Thanks for the IFB message, nice work here! I am following :)

  2. Great post! I love McQueen! I've made a post on my blog with Mc'Queen shoes spring 2011! This is pure art!
    If you want to visit and follow my blog I would be happy! I follow you now!
    A hug from Italy, Giò

  3. She did an amazing job, and we can rest assured that she will do wonders for the label. I have the utmost confidence in her.

  4. Yes definitely. Burton is the right person for
    the job, working with McQueen for so long, she has his eye and will know what he would have been aiming for. It's one of the greater losses of 2010 along with gaining a Conservative government that puts vat up to 20%. But fashion wise, she'll know what to do and i'd say the label is safe.

  5. I'm glad you all agree she will definitely do justice for the brand and eventually when the world is ready for it she will show us something different.