Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hot Pink Glossy Box

Clarins Extra Firming day and night cream
Fab Body Moisturizer
Murad Skin Perfecting Primer
Eyeko skinny eyeliner in Midnight Blue

I Finally got my Glossy box, not sure when it was delivered but I was at my boyfriend's till today so have only just opened it up, now I'm a sucker for spoilers so knew round about what would be in here also knew what I wanted from the various blogs I've read. 

And I'm happy to say I got everything I wanted. 

I've seen a few complaints about the Clarins products, people saying they are too young for such products, however I think you're never to young and they are just samples to try out, so if you like the feel of the cream but not the fact that it's for older skin types you might want to buy a full size Clarins product but a different type. Overall I like the feel of the two Clarins products and can't wait to see how they go on my skin.

I love the Eyeko eyeliner and was considering buying something from their range anyway so am quite happy I got this, my colour is midnight blue, I kind of wanted the pink colour some people got as I wanted to use it on my waterline but am still quite happy with the blue as it is good for using in the day when you don't want something as dark as a black eyeliner.

The Fab moisturizer feels quite nice on the skin but doesn't have in my opinion an amazing smell I would have liked it to be more fragranced but that's just my opinion because I love fragranced moisturizer's. It will be going in my wash bag for when I'm at my boyfriend's or elsewhere because it is such a cute size. 

I've heard of murad before but never used their products and am really into skin primer's (I'm currently using GOSH and Benefit's that gal) so am intrigued as to how well this is going to fare against the other two primers I use. 

Overall I like this month's Glossy box, however I've had to cancel my account because I'm saving all my pennies for a lovely holiday later this year. 
Did any one else get the glossy box? 
What did you think? 


  1. Replies
    1. and me! it was nice to get something luxurious :)

  2. Such a coincidence - I actually just subscribed to Glossybox earlier today! This post makes me even more excited for my first arrival. Love your review :)

    <3 Shawna

    1. are you going to get this box or feb's one, I know I'll regret cancelling when I see this month feb one aha, you'll love it though!

  3. Great review. I have heard many good things about the glossybox, but I don't know if I want one as well. Still not completely sure but your review helps alot :)


    1. It's good but there will obviously occasionally be the odd product you just do not like, however they usually put in a full size product that makes up for the disappointment and will be the value of the whole box but you can look at spoilers then subscribe lol