Friday, 13 January 2012

January Detox

Big Ben chimes and before the last firework can pop we are in a drunken stupor vowing to detox, no booze, no cigarette's and no fast food.
Now it's the second weekend in January you still haven't had the last of those Christmas chocolate's or that last bit of wine waiting for you under the kitchen cabinet so how about instead we don't have a miserable Januray and detox our wardrobes instead to inject Spring into our lives and with it bring the light at the end of these cold, wet months.

Trends Featured:
 Dipped Hemline's

These are just some trends to look forward to the next coming months, personally I'm loving the neon vibe going on at the moment and in complete juxtaposing fashion I'm also loving pastel colour's, I'm even wearing it on my nails. 

Matching Gaga's Simone Rocha dress on the cover of Elle. 

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