Sunday, 24 October 2010

Faux Fur

You may have been living under a rock for the past few weeks to not hear that fur is making a massive impact on the fashion scene right now, if you are one of these people living under a rock, come out from there and let me tell you wrap up warm in a fur coat this winter, now as fashion-eco-environment whatever friendly we all aspire to be we know as a collective that real fur is out and only faux will do, and if you still believe real is the best then take a leaf out of Karl Lagerfeld's book, who up until recently only used real fur for Chanel saying, " Technical advances are so perfect you can hardly tell fake fur from the real thing. Fake is not chic- we have got a new Chanel tweed to stop copies- but fake fur is."

Chanel show, picture taken from,0,1

If you can afford a Chanel fur coat then go ahead and buy it, however I aim to give you the best of the high-street.

Boohoo £35 to buy go on the boohoo website where they do have a wide selection of fur coats to choose from this one if my favourite from their collection. It looks all gothic vamp to me I can imagine a creature of the night wearing this beaut with some bright red lippy and some stacked platforms, all done in a very classy way obviously.

£40 Dorothy Perkins, I thought this was a different alternative to the classic long fur coat, this coat are for those who want to be in trend but don't want to step too far out their comfort zone.

£175 from Boutique by Jaeger, slightly more expensive then some featured here but worth all the money with the owl like print which is something different to the average fur coat.

£85 from Miss Selfridge who also have a wide variety of different fur coats, this one reminds me of a chic polar bear you know the ones that wear wedge boots and cute patterned tights?

£31.99 from new look currently in the sale so snap it up quick, this is the classic leopard print coat, reserved for the fashionista's of today and NOT the Pat Butcher's of yesterday. 

Those are my favourites of the moment, though knowing me my mind will be changed by next week, I suggest grabbing one of these quick, or popping into your nearest newlook, dorothy perkins or miss selfridges and seeing for yourself the range of coats they have on offer at the moment. 

No copyright intended, chanel photo and Karl Lagerfeld quote taken off,,0,1 

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