Sunday, 24 October 2010

This is no Faux Pas

D&G 2010 Alpine Inspired Runway Show

D&G, rocked the runway with some huge yeti boots for this winter, however if like me you feel that walking down to your local shops in a pair of those babies, would be a stones throw away from complete ridicule and insanity and would prefer to keep the yeti boots for a week away to the Alps (if you can afford it you lucky so and so). Then these high street versions are for you with simple fur trim here and there they defeat the impracticality of trying to keep a yeti boot clean and not to mention dry in Britain's up and down weather. 

Matalan £24, keep your feet nice and toasty while also staying on trend with the fur trim, lace up boot and buckle, the chunky heel means more comfort for you and adds you just a little height. 

New look £30, not the traditional looking fur boot, but for some reason these remind me of a chic white Christmas, to me they look expensive almost Chanel like, though that is just a personal opinion, if the white are too in your face new look also have a black version for those wanting to keep it more simple. 

New Look £29.99, a bigger heel then the previous, adding just that little bit more height. With buckle and a fur trim working down the front of the boot these shoes look classically winter but also will carry you into the next year.

£39.99 from River Island, with the lace up front I always seem to associate with winter, (due to films such as a Christmas carol,) and the chunky heel these are not only fashionable but easy to wear. 

Wedge boot with a fur trim these are one of my favourite pairs featured, £44.99 from River Island, the wedge means they are easy to walk in and give you all the height you need to make those legs look fabulous, the fur is there but not obnoxiously so and the lace up front is all I need to want to make these all mine, unfortunately with bills and rent coming up I'm unable to afford them however if you have the spare cash in your back pocket snap these up quick!

Topshop £36, for those girls who prefer flats but still want to be ridiculously on trend, these will look great with some thick tights and a long woolly jumper. 

I am fortunate to actually own these beautiful boots thanks to an over-generous boyfriend and his knack of knowing exactly what I like, these are £40 from Topshop and from experience are damned easy to walk in, keep your feet nice and toasty and just look absolutely fab, I wore mine with a white lace dress and a leather jacket to rock the look up a bit. 

The most expensive at £95 from Topshop, these have the fur trim, chunky heel, lace up front and a hiker style sole, meaning they are about as on trend as you can be at this moment in time, I feel however that these are a passing trend and without the fur wouldn't be quite as beautiful, so it's a good job topshop designed these with the fur trim, unsure about whether these will be in "fashion" for a long time, but on the right person they can be worn again and again and again because of the chunky look of the shoe. 

Okay I know in no way is this shoe fur in anyway but I thought they were too beautiful not to be featured, £74.99 for River Island, these are just the pair of shoes to jazz up a simple dress or gorgeous pair of skinnies. 

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