Monday, 25 October 2010

Winning Outfit

Waking up today I had ridiculous butterflies in my stomach, unable to eat I kept thinking oh my God what do I wear to my interview. As with any interview you need to wear something that shows you are professional, friendly, helpful and will leave a lasting impression on your hopefully future employer, a lot to ask from one outfit but I found my winning outfit a bright blue high-collared, frill layered, flattering dress. 

I always seem to feel super confident in this dress and it's my go-to outfit when I feel like I have nothing to wear in my wardrobe, it's girlie without being too over the top and the bright colour brings a smile to my face, the polka dots are an extra touch that instead of making the dress look childish and adolescent brings a new layer to the whole outfit making it fun without being childish. This dress is from primark and although I'm unable to tell you the price it will definitley be less than £15. I teamed this with my nude brogues and a dark blue cardigan. 

I will tell you later in the week if I managed to get the job. 

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  1. the dress is cute :)

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