Thursday, 17 February 2011

LFW Survival Kit

London Fashion Week is fast approaching and with many things on people's minds on one of the most hectic weeks in the fashion calender, I decided to do a LFW survival kit, just a quick piece about the essentials to take with you, to help everything run a little bit more smoothly. 

First things first the outfit, you want to be wearing something comfortable yet stylish after all this is London Fashion Week. The shoes you wear are to be considered massively, you want to be wearing some that are comfortable and easy to walk around in. 
The shoes pictured are from Forever 21 and personally I find wedges THE most comfortable shoe around without substituting style. Wedges add that bit of height and sophistication to any outfit.

England isn't famed for it's hot weather and sunny skies, so the best bet is to to wrap up warm, but you want layers in case all that running around gets you too hot. Open Cable knit jumpers (pictured is from topshop) are amazing because they are on trend and you can layer up different vest tops of long sleeve and short sleeve underneath to go along with the changing temperatures.

The harem trousers are from Dorothy Perkins and I chose trousers because I feel like they would be more comfortable then say a dress or skirt, also trousers especially tapered ones are very on trend right now so I was going for a comfortable yet chic look, that you can wear all day without feeling self conscience.

The colour palette I was aiming for is a mix of camel, nude and tan. This is a complete contrast to the acid brights we are seeing everywhere, I think what you wear should be understated chic, you should almost channel  Parisienne style but give it your own twist, for instance the mustard bag from Debenhams adds a quirky twist to this otherwise muted palette of colours.

You should mix your outfit up with small details to make it more original and personal to you. But remember to be comfortable because you will be running around in it all day. 

This brings us on to the bag essentials. 
The bag as stated is from Debenhams and is a satchel style, so it is on trend and a roomy bag without being too big.

In the bag there is a Filofax, which is there to write notes and important runway show times in for when everything is coming down on top of you this should be your life-line.

Make-up wise, you should pack a good concealer, the one pictured is Laura Mercier, this is to stop your make-up looking dull and tired, a simple highlight and cover up can freshen the skin up instantly.

Two essentials that I personally would be lost without is eye-liner and mascara, these two products can make eyes appear wider and brighter, great when it's early mornings all round.

Face wipes are a brilliant must have because not only do they fix make-up mistakes, but they freshen up your skin and can make you feel fresh in sweaty areas (if you get what I mean).

When running around your hair can become flat and lifeless, to combat this simply pop your head upside down and spray batiste dry shampoo on hair to give it more volume, stores now do a travel size spray so it doesn't take much room up in your bag at all.

Last but not least is perfume, you want to smell nice all day especially in an environment where you are mingling with different people, the perfume featured is Jimmy Choo's which if you haven't smelt yet, you really should because it's gorgeous.

Now you don't want to be taking a full bottle of perfume out with you in your bag for fear of it leaking or even worse breaking, so you can now buy travalo's which you simply pop on top of your perfume and pump the spray it then fills with the perfume and you can pop it in your bag and it lasts for 50 sprays, if you want to put a new perfume in after it's all gone just wash with water and use again. This little gadget is brill because it saves the hassle of having to buy a little perfume to take round with you. 

Top Tips

  • Be Comfortable
  • Wear comfy shoes
  • Don't forget a pen or notepad
  • Don't overfill your make-up bag
  • Take a roomy bag to fit everything you need in but don't over pack
  • Stay Fresh
  • Drink lots of water
  • Layer up 
  • And remember to use your own individual style in everything you wear. 


  1. hiya,

    Im replying to your comment about the filofax on here aswell as my blog incase you don't see it :).

    My filofax is a personal size and the model is finsbury. The colour is rasberry.

    I got mine from staples and it was about £50.
    it came already with the 2011 diary, to do lists, credit card thingy, notepaper. basically everything in it came with it already.

    However I think this might have been a mistake by the store because when I asked o buy one they just gave my the display model. It was in perfect condition but I think it was just to show what it could look like with inserts. However I could be wrong.

    You can get them from the filofax uk website at this link.


  2. I love that sweater! :)

  3. Thanks, I love cable knit jumpers :D