Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I have a bit of catching up to do on London fashion week posts, so will post a quick run through of my favourites tomorrow, as well as some other stuff I've got planned.

Went to a zumba class today, has any one else heard of it before? I tell you what I sweated in places I didn't even know exsisted, it was fun and exhilirating. Me and my friend are doing each week in an attempt to finally loose those Christmas pounds.

On another note, I've sent off my fashion portfolio to Sussex, I have a uni interview at Southampton AND I need to write a small piece for UCA- epsom, which I'm quite looking forward to sinking my teeth into- The question I need to answer is: "If you were stuck on a desert Island what publication would you get sent by pigeon post?" So anyone who reads this blog, I ask you what is the one magazine you could not live without even if you were stuck on a remote island, somewhere preferably with yummy pineapple, swinging hammocks and some factor 30.


  1. Zumba is a fantastic workout, I've tried it a couple of times and it works! If I could only read one magazine ever it would be Vogue. xoxo

  2. Yeah I went to my second one on wednesday and I've got to say I'm feeling it today!!

    I agree Vogue is fab!