Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cat Eye

Getting ready for Summer despite the fact that the cold has really set in around Britain and of course Europe. I'm being hopeful that hot weather is just around the corner when I bought these items but when ASOS has a sale sometimes the sensibility goes out of the window. 
First things first the gorgeous straw hat, that I got for an amazing £4 reduced from £10 or £15 I can't remember, but I had to get another hat as mine got destroyed at Beach Break last year (an amazing student festival) and it has a cute floral trim around the edge so makes it a bit different. 
The next thing I got was a lovely red dress by Vero Moda reduced to £9 again I can't really remember the original price think it was about £25. It has an elasticated waist and gorgeous cut out shoulder sleeves which I thought was quite unusual and hopefully it will be nice and warm so I can wear it this year.
Last thing I got though I got them from ebay is the cat eye sunglasses, I saw some from Prada and liked them so much that I looked for an alternative and found these, so I was quite happy with that buy, again they cost about £3 and they really are lovely. Though I have a bit of a sunglasses addiction so these are the ONLY pair I'm buying this year. 

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