Thursday, 9 February 2012

Under the sea: Look for less

Under the sea
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After doing the Under the Sea post I started craving a little bit of the sea with me and being a part time employed sales assistant obviously cannot afford the Chanel price tag, even though I would happily sell my Grandma for a piece of Chanel...Just kidding...maybe...
Anyway so I started looking at different places where I could get the look for a little bit less and found some interesting pieces for not a lot of money.

1. Rare at ASOS green chiffon dress, I thought the colour was lovely a gorgeous pastel mint that reminded me of the seaside and the way the dress hangs is really feminine and floaty like fabric under the sea.

2. ASOS Shell Clutch, I loved the Chanel Shell clutch and while this is a more simplified version I think it's a beautiful substitute. I love anything where black and gold is the colour scheme, so this clutch is ideal.

3. Topshop all over sequin dress, When I think of sequins for some reason my mind always goes back to the 90's when sequins were oversized and garish, but this dress seems really sophisticated and the colour is perfect for Spring. Think of the sequins as very fashionable scales on a mermaids tail.

4. TFNC at ASOS sequin bodice dress, Sequins and the sheer pleated skirt combines the two features that I think make up this trend.

5. Topshop Lurex roll sweat top, Admittedly this is actually part of Topshop's sporty trend going on right now but I thought the metallic sheen was perfect for an underwater trend and it's casual enough to be worn in the fact I did nearly buy this top the other day but refrained as I'm trying to save money but isn't it just lovely.

6. Monsoon Vintage Shell Clutch, This is a more subtle version of the other ASOS clutch, I liked the gold clasp and the indented lines that rather than pointedly declaring it's a shell made you think of the details of a sea shell.

7. Finsk metallic leather shoes, Metallic, pleated, ankle boot, what's not to like? They are beautiful.

8.Topshop Sequin double layer top, Clear sequins that remind you of the shimmer on the water on a sunny day. Simple but effective. 

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