Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birmingham Haul and The New Debenhams

Yesterday I went to see my lovely friend Matt in Birmingham and whilst it was meant to be purely window shopping I spent a lot more than I should have. However I didn't buy any clothes which is a huge wonder. 
Nothing I bought is super major but though I'd show it all any way so without further adieu my haul. 

This is what I use to do my hair it goes on well and I use it for my roots which always come out lovely and it comes with a platinum shine oil you add to the dye so it makes your hair very smooth and have a slight shine to it. 

No trip to Birmingham s complete without going to Selfridges after Matt and I lusted over McQueen, Burberry and for me Mulberry we went to the bottom floor and got lost in Paperchase, where I bought this Desk Pad which I didn't realise but can't use till July boo and a self Adhesive album for gig tickets, festivals, wrist bands and any other memorabilia I have stashed away.

I just had to go to Primark to get my go-to tights. These bad boys are amazing £2.50 each and they give you an amazing silhoette. As I was queuing to buy this nail varnish jumped out at me apparently it's a matte varnish and again £2.50 I thought why not. 

I can't walk past lush without going inside sometimes I can resist the gorgeous temptations that lay waiting other times for instance yesterday I could not. I bought this massage bar that smells so devine I can't wait to use it. 

There's been a Debenhams being built in my home town, for a little under a year. My mom bagged a job there and yesterday they had a friends and family VIP opening. One of the hair dressers in the area - Anthony John Salon was giving away these goodie bags with some KMS samples, so I'm looking forward to trying these out.
I also bought some Clinique moisture surge over night mask that people have been raving about. It was 10% off plus I got my mom's 20% off so I got 30% off this making it an amazing £18 which I was very happy about. 

All the products I have bought or given I will be writing reviews about in the next couple days when I have used them and able to write a decent review. 
Has anyone tried any KMS or the Clinique Moisture Surge before? 
If so what did you think?
And what can I expect? 

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