Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lana Del Rey: Vintage Americano

Lana del rey kind of sprung up out of no-where and captured our eyes and ears with her breath-taking voice and beautiful lyrics, she went on to win a Brit Award and I for one have been listening to her ever since, her album is a repeat offender on my ipod and I have listened to many of her songs not released on youtube, do yourself a favour and just search her name and listen to the raw talent. 

But not only is her voice unique but I find myself looking at her for fashion inspiration she does the classic sexy siren look very well but I prefer her more sort of vintage americano look myself with a twist using gold jewellery and pretty shirts. 

I took a pretty recognizable picture of her and tried to re-create the look with buys off the high street and this is what I got.

lana del rey look book

The shorts and hollywood top are both from Topshop: denim moto shorts and hollywood crop topThe gold necklace is from Wallis: Gold NecklaceThe Jefferrey Campbells you can get online
Gold Double ring from Jane Norman : Double Ring


  1. Very nice! I love Lana!


  2. Hello, found your blog on FBL facebook group! Already following you! Would like a lot if you visit mine too! xoxoxo