Monday, 12 March 2012

Sugar Rush

You can't open a magazine without seeing the amazing campaign from Louis Vuitton featuring soft waves of colour and girls posing next to ice cream sundaes in a vintage style ice cream parlour.

These images conjure up scenes of summer sitting in the park in a delicate powder blue lace dress, from Valentino, or sitting in a patisserie pinky in the air eating a sugary bun in a Jonathan Saunders mix of pale pink and yellow.

    Valentino                                                            Jonathan Saunders 

It is trend that I'm seeing a lot of recently, gorgeous hues of sugary bursts of colour from mint shirts to sheer pink dresses, that make you feel like a Princess.

This is one trend I'll be following by trying to add a pastel shade to my wardrobe of typically black and grey (classic) but sometimes boring clothes, it's perfect for some one like me who is not necessarily afraid of colour but not sure how to go about wearing it.

I've got my eye on this gorgeous green Topshop Skirt that reminds me of the Simone Rocha dress Lady GaGa wore in January's Elle. It's actual colour is like a mint green though you can't tell in the picture and worn with a simple white cami vest top and some brogues I think it will make the perfect sweet addition to my wardrobe.

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