Thursday, 1 March 2012

Voucher Haul

I got some Vouchers for Christmas which were for New Look and have so far resisted buying anything as I wanted something I really liked, however me and my mom popped down there today and had a look and they were having a promotion on jewellery buy one get one free so I bought the cross  necklace for £6.99 and got the gorgeous coral and diamante earrings FREE! I loved the cross as I thought it was quite a statement piece for when you are wearing quite plain clothes and the earrings looked so retro and cool that I couldn't say no. 
And so on to the bag, I've wanted to buy like a big clutch bag for a while but the ones I kept seeing were either too expensive or cheap looking, but then I saw this teal green bag buried on a rack of sale items, it didn't have a sale sticker but I thought you know what £12 is not bad for a bag I will use all the time. It's big enough to carry EVERYTHING I need on a night out and I loved the colour so decided to buy it anyway, took it to the counter and it was scanned at £5, I couldn't believe it what a bargain and I never seem to get a bargain. So after today I only spent £11 in vouchers so still have a couple of quid left for a nice dress or something. 

These were bought a couple of days ago, at work we won a local incentive and each got £50 worth of vouchers to spend, I already bought some jewellery from Topshop but still had £40 left which was burning a hole in my pocket so I had a look in Topshop and saw this wild top which was £20 and although I liked it I never bought it, I went in again saw it liked it but still didn't buy it then the third time I went in I thought why not just try it, so I put in on and fell in love it's so cute and suitable for the summer and festival season. It has a sheer front panel with the print on then the back is plain white, and then I saw this gold glitter pencil skirt and thought to myself how different, so I tried them both on together and they just kind of went so I had to get them both the skirt was £32 and I would never have spent that but I had vouchers so thought why not.
I can't wait to wear them out.

I love shopping when it doesn't cost you anything 


  1. Loveeeeeee the Wild tee! And the colour of the Teal bag. So in love with that colour atm. Not to mention the pencil skirt is HAWT! Fab haul - love it

    Love Nails. Love Obsession-Lacquer.


  2. thanks, and me I am desperate to paint a wall in my room teal I just love the colour