Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mid Week Shopping

Brown Platform Loafers- Primark
Black Boots- New Look
Dress- Primark

When your friend has the day off work and suggests going shopping one does not simply say no. 

I have A LOT of shoes but then a pair gets reduced to £6 and well what kind of girl would I be if I simply walked off without at least trying them on, now let me say when you try a pair of shoes and they fit like a glove and are not only gorgeous but comfy you HAVE to buy them, I'm not yet sure what they will go with but I'm thinking some beige trousers and cream shirt. 

The second pair of shoes are from New Look and I kept seeing similar pairs around and really (let me say that again) really wanted some. These have a silver bar going across the front which I thought added an interesting touch, they are comfy AND went with the outfit I was wearing (Grey Topshop midi dress with black leopard print kimono) so with £27.99 down they were mine, my friend wanted some as well but there were none left in her size, but she can borrow mine...if she can prise them off my feet. 

With the weather getting warmer I can't help but look at these sorts of light flowing dresses, stripes seem to be everywhere right now so I thought this one would be a good choice, they also had aztec print, leopard and a gorgeous scarf print as well. 
The dress fits my figure quite nicely and skims over the bits you really do not want people looking at, the length on me is a little bit short but I just won't bend down in it. 
This beaut was £10 from Primark and is very happy in my wardrobe. 

Has any one else had a midweek shopping trip?
If so what did you buy?

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