Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Avon beauty balm

Avon beauty balm - I wasn't expecting miracles with this product but was pleasantly surprised. 
I ordered this before going on holiday and have subsequently come back with slightly darker skin and was worried this product wouldn't work but after blending it in by warming it up with my fingertips and patting it on my skin then using real techniques buffer brush to work the product in, I noticed it worked quite well.
In the pictures I'm only wearing the beauty balm and a slick of mascara
The first picture is the initial application whereas the 2nd picture was taken after a day of wear, in the hot sun no less.

I feel it stayed well on the skin and had a nice glow to it. It does feel slightly greasy after a couple hours but nothing a bit of powder can't fix. This isn't a high coverage by any means but perfect for everyday when you just need to put a bit of war paint on to battle throughout the day. 
I have subsequently used this product as a base for my regular foundation for a slightly more flawless look and thought it looked quite seamless especially for a night out. 
Has anyone else used this product?
If so what did you think? 

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