Friday, 30 May 2014

Challenge Spend Less: Beauty and Fashion

I am currently on a mission to spend less money and be debt free by December 2014 so I can go into the new year with a clear mind and healthy spending habits.
So to aid my mission I've set myself a challenge to not buy any beauty products if I already have a few bottles or products of it already.
I'm also going to delve into my wardrobe and try and wear some items I haven't worn in a while and if I can't wear them sell them on eBay or give to charity. All the details for this challenge will be in a separate blog post but essentially I can't buy any clothes for myself unless the item is £10 or less.

Anyway onto the beauty side of the challenge:
I have loads of lipsticks, foundations,  highlighters and eye-shadow palettes my challenge is to use up what I have before buying any more.

Just a small selection of what I have. Need to use one before I buy another one.
Challenge 1: Lipsticks
I'm not saying I have loads of lipsticks by any means well not compared to some people but I have more than my fair share. The challenge I've set myself is the standard use one before you buy another one this could take weeks in fact no months but does mean I'm more likely to use my lipsticks as I have been neglecting them lately.

Need to use all these bad boys
Challenge 2: Highlighters
I have 4 different highlighters and I intend to use all 4 before buying another one. Not only will this help with spending less but will also help me make an informed decision on which one I like the best or whether I'd want to try a completely new one by the time they are all used up.

Need to use 2 of these fully before committing to another foundation
Challenge 3: Foundations
I have 9 foundations/tinted moisturisers I only have one face. Now I know I need different foundations for different occasions and one for day one for evening and so on, but I'm buying some and forgetting and neglecting others already in my collection.
My mission is to use 2 of my foundations fully before buying just one, so if I want to buy 2 new foundations I have to use up 4 of my foundations.
I think this will help me because A: I'm not spending money and B: I'll be more likely to make an investment purchase as I will want a really decent product to use.

These are the ones I'm aiming to use up: From top Left going clockwise:
Topshop Constellation Palette
MUA Undressed Palette
MAC Quad Palette
MUA Ever After Matte Palette
Challenge 4: Eyeshadow
I have a ridiculous amount of palettes and just general loose eye shadows. For this challenge I'm going to use up 2 of my palettes before buying any more. I also have an Urban Decay set I've had for years but have desperately wanted one of the Naked Palettes so before committing to purchasing one I have to use up all of my current one.

Those are my challenges this could take a long time but I'm ready for it and will post updates as and when they come along.
Anyone else done anything else like this either to save money or try and make more space for more cosmetics?


  1. The products u showcased are pretty good, keep urslef away from any beauty stores to complete the challenge successful :)
    new follower on Bloglovin

  2. Thank You.
    That's the thing I have some quality stuff so need to stay away from beauty departments :)