Thursday, 29 May 2014

Graze Breakfast

With an attempt to try and eat healthier I recently signed up to receive the Graze Breakfast Variety Box. I was getting fed up of just having toast for breakfast or even getting hungry at work because I naughtily skipped breakfast. So when I saw these advertised I thought why not get a bit of variety in my life. 
The box came with 4 different cereals which all come in a pre-portioned packet with the calorie content printed in a handy leaflet inside the box. 
Toasted Quinoa Granola, Summer Fayre, Pomegranate and Blackcurrant Muesli and Honey Hunter came in my first box. 
I've only tried one so far the Honey Hunter which consisted of oats and seeds with a subtly honey flavour which I thought was great as sometimes honey products can be a bit too overpowering. 
This particular bag was the most calorie heavy being 404 calories a bag whereas Summer Fayre has 215 calories, but they are great for those who are on a calorie controlled diet. I used  Koko dairy free which is an alternative to milk as I'm trying to reduce my dairy intake and make swaps for a healthier lifestyle but that's another post all together. Filled with fibre they keep you full for ages as well. 
The only downside is maybe mixing the cereal bags with some breakfast bars for those on the go so if like me you have work at 6am in the morning when it comes to 9am in the morning you have some fuel for your body in a handy bar form.

With that being my only gripe I must say I am quite impressed. £3.99 a box if you want it weekly with your first order only £1.99. 
Has anyone else had a breakfast box? 
If so what did you get and what did you think? 

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