Saturday, 5 March 2011

Top Blog's

I was thinking today about which blogs are my favourite, and have compiled a small list of 7 that I love and try to read religiously:

  • love the way all her posts are personal and in a creepy way I love reading about other people's lives and seeing picture's of their day to day excursions. 
  • not your average fashion blog, this blog features stunning fashion that is more unique. 
  •, love her inspiring posts and picture's. 
  • what can I say I love her fashion sense and her posts and concise and well laid out, which I know is wiered to comment on but I prefer reading blogs that look pretty. Shallow I know!
  • this girl has a stunning collection of shoes and all her outfits are just wonderful, I like reading to see what outfit she's put together day after day. 
  • not a fashion blog, this one's a beauty one, and an absolutely amazing one, clear reviews on make-up and no bull s***. Also how she manages to find time to run her blog with a toddler running around is beyond me. 
  • photo's of the average Joe on the street this blog takes photo's of normal people with a flair. Really Inspiring. 
However saying these are my favourite's doesn't mean I love them any more than all the other fab blogs I follow. 
Will hopefully feature another set of favourites very soon. 

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