Monday, 7 March 2011

Fashion Girl of the Week:

Amy louise is this weeks fashion girl and a very dear friend of mine, I have always envied her style, she always seems to put fabulous stuff together and is an amazing bargain shopper. 

"I wouldn't say I have a defined style, I take clothes from all over the place and make them my own, one man's rubbish is another man's treasure"

favourite places to shop- "River Island, Cow and the ebay vintage outlet and charity shops"

"My favourite outfit right now is my blue velvet shirt, high waisted black skirt and frill wedges with my beige chunky knit cardigan"

"I spend the most money on Jumper's and Shirt's AND tights! Endlessly going through them"

"The thing I like about fashion is the personal expression, the fact that some one could be wearing the exact same thing as you, but it all depends on the way you put it together and the accessories you wear that makes it so different" 

A big thanks to Amy- as you can see this girl has a unique style, she wears the clothes and makes them her own. 

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