Monday, 7 March 2011

February Favourite's

I've recently decided to do monthly favourites, I know it's March but I'm going to show you what I was loving in February and then do a March one at the end of this month. 

My Yankee candles, yes I still wish it was Christmas.
 I got them on sale because they were in the Christmas collection. The white one smells like vanilla and the red one smells like yummy cinnamon. 
I light them everyday because they make my room all cosy and smell lovely. 
As soon as these run out I'm going to get some summery ones. 

One of the perks of working at the fragrance shop is that I get some lovely perfume, the other perk is the lovely people I work with obviously.  
This one is Flora by Gucci and smells like fresh flowers, when it's sunny this scent makes me feel all happy. 
The other one Gucci does in Flora is Eau Fresh and it's so sweet and subtle, perfect for days in the sun. 

I've been using this scrub from Soap & Glory and it makes my skin feel so soft. 
I use it 3 times a week, because daily use irritates me skin and there's these little orange balls in the lotion that pop when you press on them. 
I thought that was quite cool apparently they are smooth-boosting sphere's. 
Whatever they are they make me skin all refreshed and clean. 

I bought these boots with my friend on a little shopping trip to Birmingham from Select in the Pallasade's, she also got some gorgeous one's that I will be stealing from her soon if she doesn't keep her eye on them. 
The photo doesn't do these boot's justice, they are a dark beige colour with a light beige wedge and go really well with my harem trousers. 
They fit in with the camel/tan trend perfectly and were only £20. 

I've seen loads of owl necklace's lately mostly from places like Topshop, this cute fellow was actually purchased in Tesco. 
It's a long gold coloured necklace and goes well with EVERYTHING!
I'm certainly getting the wear out of him. 

Marshmallow cupcake's! 
My mom made these they have marshmallow's under the frosting and a marshmallow centre.
They are so nice, I keep telling my mom to make and sell her cupcake's because they are that good, and no I'm not just saying that. 

On a side note, look what happened when I took a picture of my candle's, I dropped my earring in the wax!
Not sure how I'm going to scrape the wax off but never mind. 

And that's it for February, expect another load at the end of this month. 

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