Friday, 4 March 2011


I've seen adverts everywhere for the brand Kooples featuring couples and how long they've been together and out of curiosity I decided to look what the brand was all about. 
Established in 2008 Kooples is a French brand consisting of ready- made pieces. Taken of the website it says that Kooples is:

Military elegance, revisited flight jackets, cardigans, dresses for iconic women, British styled “Crombie” coats, but let us not forget, the perfected three piece suit. Close fitting, tailored like the shirts and coats of Saville Row, that infamous street in London that’s been dressing dandies; from gentlemen to rock star, Winston Churchill to David Bowie, with an oh so British look. Details that make all the difference: Skull and Crossbones on buttons and a coat of arms just to name a few. To summarize the couples are The Kooples! Masculin/ Feminin, Godard would have called it; slightly androgynous and modern. The Kooples gathers its inspiration from the codes of rock, from music, but with its own signature traits that only truly belong in 2011. It doesn’t matter if it’s night or day, if you’re wearing The Kooples it’s just plain chic.

For both men and women, the brand consists of simple elegant pieces, that are designed to last years in terms of style they are based on the concept of street style. 
Some of my favourite pieces from the women's collection: 

 Shoes- £165, Skirt- £125, Shirt- £140, Shorts- £135, Tee-£130, Trousers- £145. 


  1. so many pretty items of clothing. I have to stop reading as your blog is making me buy stuff and I have no money haha.

    Also pug header. it cant get any more perfect. I saw one the other week. It was the most amazing thing ever.


  2. Tell me about it lol :D

    Awwwww, the one in the header is actually my nans and she is so adorable but bloody mental, always running around haha.