Monday, 14 March 2011

Kimono's and Picnic's

It was my sister's birthday so we went shopping, I had £20 in my pocket and spent it on the lovelies below. 

Saw this and it immediately reminded me of Summer with the cute wicker style and white strap it conjures up visions of a picnic basket. 

This is the lining and the bag set me back £6 from Primark. 

I've seen some lovely Kimono style cover-ups in sheer fabric lately- this one is from Primark again and was £10. They have one in yellow and a blue nautical style one. But this one caught my eye because the colours are lovely and easy to match up. 

By this point I had no money left but a girl can still look right, this shirt is from River Island and is slightly longer at the back. 

This shirt is from River Island as well and has netting along the shoulders. 

The back is exposed and has a tie to bring in the waist. 

So after today's expedition I still have £4 left over to get to and from work or to spend at Zumba :) 


  1. Love the shirts
    Follow us and we'll follow back:-)

  2. Oof I love love love the bag! :) xx