Saturday, 12 March 2011

la saison du noir

As i rummage my way amongst the numerous clothing websites i know i will never fully be able to afford, it has become obvious that spring is slowly beginning to introduce itself within our clothing. I have seen endless floral patterns, candy colours and fearless frills but despite all of this i refuse to welcome spring with open arms, Instead i have found myself hopelessly trailing through the winter sales because i simply refuse to salute goodbye to the stunning black mesh, chunky heels and Gothic style i have adored all throughout this winter.

I feel that i haven't had enough time to enjoy this dark sultry look for long enough, so i intend to carry my winter clothing as far through spring as the English weather allows me!

i do of course have my absolute favourites that i know i can in no way afford, but a girl can dream, right?

I have had my eye on this dress for months now, it's from topshop and it is in the sale for £75 but the only sizes they have in stock are a 6, 8 & 10, somehow i can't see me fitting into this any time soon.

I can't say I've ever been a fan of high leg boots, but recently they have been growing on me and i soon as i saw these pair from topshop i instantly fell in love, but of course they are also in the sale for £75 and unless i fall into some miraculous money then i doubt I'll ever be able to call these beautiful boots mine, even though i am completely and utterly in love with them!

This absolute beauty is again, from topshop. I have adored the black mesh look this season and then to find a top that is as outrageous and gorgeous as this is somewhat of a miracle for me. Unfortunately it is completely out of stock which is a shame because it was in the sale for £45 and i would of been 100% willing to scrounge some money together on pay day to purchase this beauty!



  1. I love those boots..I also was never a fan of knee high boots, but it is really growing on me!! Cute blog :)

  2. Thanks and yeah some knee boots look tacky but occasionally you get a cute pair so it's worth looking out for :)